Full Report: Sharp Increase in Donbass fighting – last 72 hours

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April 24th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ News ~

~ By: Joaquin Flores, compiled from sources ~ Fort Russ

In the last 72 hours, there has been a sudden and alarming increase in hostilities. We’ve covered these incidents as they’ve occurred, but the general trend in escalation is now undeniable. 

We are finding reports from numerous areas which indicate a general ramping up of this conflict The following is a general round-up that summarizes nearly all of the different stories circulating on the Donbass oriented Russian language internet, describing this recent surge. 

OSCE Report

The first is from the OSCE, notoriously reluctant to use the active voice in reporting. They report that from April 19th through 20th, their Donetsk team of the special OSCE monitoring mission carried out 29 patrols with the following findings:

On the evening of the April 19th in the center of Donetsk explosions of “undetermined origin” (there we go again) were heard at about 7-10 km to the west-north-west and north-west, as well as a fire line of heavy machine gun fire by anti-aircraft installations in areas to the north-west and south west of the observer position near the DPR controlled Gorlovka (39 km north-east of Donetsk): CMM fixed incessant shelling: 164 explosions (the explosion 92 mortar shells, 72 explosion of undetermined origin), at least 63 exchanges of fire from infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-2),

For about five hours, while in the Ukrainian controlled area of Avdeevka (17 kilometers north of Donetsk), the SMM claims it heard 16 shots from an automatic grenade launcher, 13 shots from RPG’s, a lot of quick shots from recoil-less guns (SPG-9, 73 mm), 18 rounds from an automatic grenade launcher and a few bumps and explosions from mortar rounds at about 2-3 km to the east of their position. In carrying out the monitoring of the area, observers claim they heard guns fired from the eastern direction, flying 2-3 meters above their heads. The SMM says they immediately left the place.

In the Ukrainian government-controlled Marinka (23 km south-west of the center of Donetsk) the SMM heard 26 explosions, according to observers, from mortars fire (82 and 120 mm caliber , 13 outgoing) and five explosions of “undetermined origin” (we’ll let you guess what that means).


 Eduard Basurin, Deputy Commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps, DPR

Next, let’s look at what Basurin has to say, generally more accurate. Often his reports put ‘indeterminable’ reports from the OSCE into context.  

Basurin says that according to intelligence reports, over the past week in the DPR, the opponent brought about seventy tanks, artillery pieces and sixty (including MLRS) and eight hundred and fifty soldiers, including foreign mercenaries, to the line of contact. 

Over the past week the Ukrainians opened fire on the territory of the Republic 1853 times, including with heavy weapons 1222 times, which led to the death of one civilian, he reports.

By area:

Artemovsk (20 km to the contact line) – the arrival of three MLRS “Uragan”, eleven units of motor vehicles with ammunition and engineering equipment;

Pisky (3 km to the line of contact) – nine mortars caliber 82 mm, six infantry fighting vehicles and automotive equipment with ammunition;

Dmitrovka (25 km to the contact line) – eight BMP, three tanks;

Svobodnoe (21 km to the contact line) – two MLRS “Grad”, the six towed howitzer units “Hyacinth B” caliber 152 mm self-propelled guns, sixteen “Acacia” caliber 152 mm, seventeen tanks.

Netaylovo (12 km to the contact line) – the arrival of the six self-propelled artillery “Acacia” caliber 152 mm, six tanks, as well as up to three hundred men of the AQL “Pravy Sector”;

Nevelsk (6 km to the contact line) – the arrival of two self-propelled guns, “Acacia” caliber 152 mm, six tanks and two hundred men of the AQL “Right sector”;

Granitnoe (0.5 km to the contact line) – the arrival”Azov” regiment units: a mechanized platoon. arrived five units of motor vehicles with ammunition in a platoon, one hundred and fifty personnel and two Jeeps with mounted machine guns DSK.

In just the past week, found in the area of ​​human settlements:

In Gorlovka direction – three settings “Hurricane”, Twenty-four tanks, armored combat vehicles and seventeen, four towed howitzer installation;

At the direction of Donetsk – two installations “Grad”, twenty-five self-propelled guns, ten towed howitzer units, nine mortars, tanks, forty, twenty-five armored vehicles and up to four battalions nationalist militants and foreign mercenaries;

In Mariupol direction – three plants “Grad”, two self-propelled artillery, six tanks, two anti-tank guns and up to four hundred and fifty militants and nationalist battalions of foreign mercenaries.

“The highest concentration of illicit weapons Minsk agreements and the personnel indicated on the direction of Donetsk, where are conducted from the standpoint of systematic punitive massive attacks on human settlements in the Republic” – said Eduard Basurin.

According to a representative of the Army Staff for the shelling of Ukraine military use, including the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons, the lack of places in the removal of which is recorded continuously monitors international monitoring of the OSCE Mission.

“In particular, in the reports of the OSCE SMM week revealed a shortfall of thirty units of 82 mm mortars and forty-two tanks T-64 and T-72 the armed forces of Ukraine” , – said Eduard Basurin.


Representative of the Ministry of Defence LPR, Major Andrew Marochko

Marochko says that Ukrainian punitive operations in the past week shelled the People’s Republic Police more than 20 times. The shelling is forbidden by the terms of the Minsk agreement. He also reports that in the last few days, the situation has deteriorated rapidly.

He said about areas under his command:

“During the week, Ukrainian punitive brigades 24, 28, 54, 59 and 92 of the APU, fired more than 20 times on our position, violating the ceasefire regime, using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements,”.

Marochko also says they have confirmed reports that the APU has moved units composed of Crimean Tatars and Turkish mercenaries into offensively positioned new areas. 

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