Gordienko: “All Those Celebrating 9th of May Should Be Deprived of Citizenship”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

20th April, 2016


Leader of the Russian state library in Odessa, Mark Gordienko, dedicated an angry post to all those who remember Victory Day and honor the memory of veterans and those killed in times of war.

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Gordienko’s post was published on his page on the social network Facebook, where he called those who go to meetings on 9th May beasts, and offered to open cases against them and to deprive them of citizenship.

In memory of Victory. There is a Facebook USSR trend to remember the war. But this memory is very selective and imaginative. Here is the thing, all this memory, all these ‘grandpas-who-fought” as in memory of a fake memorialized in movies and books, all of it was hell, which is masked as a patriotic heaven… Therefore all these beasts who come out on the 9th fucken May are zombies and almost not human but children of hell… They have been mentality and karmically bitten by comrade Stalin who is impatiently waiting for them in Hell’s Gulag. I hate them. And if you can understand ‘grandpas-who-fought’, those fuckers who 70+ years later wonder around with flags and portraits must be mercilessly stripped of citizen rights and have cases opened against them. Morons…

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