How Turkey begged pardon

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How Turkey begged pardon
“Awgust”, in, April 10, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

With only a bit more than a month and a half left till summer, and, as I wrote earlier, Mr. Erdogan pulled a bit of a surprise by saying that it was time to build up relationships with these odious, but oh-so necessary Russians because the height of the tourist season, is, if not right on the nose, already at hand.

Since then, I have not seen any updates or heard any statements from our politicians about any major changes in relations with Turkey, except, perhaps, a slight expansion of the list of Turkish goods that Russia no longer imports. 

However, the Turkish Foreign Minister yesterday said the opposite, that supposedly there has been a positive shift in Russian-Turkish relations. As  Cavusoglu (head of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) put it, Moscow’s actions have meant a perceivable shift in our relationship, but that they used to be too emotional. 

Emotional (!), Well you shot down our plane, so why wouldn’t we be emotional, idiot? We should pretend nothing happened? But that is not all. He followed up with condolences. Yes, condolences from Turks! Just read on: 

“We did not want the Russian plane to get shot down, but there are certain requirements for the protection of our air space. After the incident, we expressed our regret and condolences at the highest level. If Russia will take steps, then relations will get back to normal.” 

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So it is up to Russia to take some steps. … Is it possible to call this crap “condolences”? Not for me. The Turks’ desire to restore cooperation with us is growing exponentially, but the Turkish pride is so great that it simply does not allow them to apologize in any normal manner.

And then after this sorrowful apology, he decided to remind us that Turkey is good for something: 

“Despite all this, Turkey is the only NATO country that does not support sanctions against Russia. Moscow must recognize this fact.” 

Well, well, now, we just just need to forgive, to lift sanctions, to restore the visa regime, in a word, to go back to the bygone relationship. Too convincing. They are good guys. 

Screw it! With such an apology let them go warm themselves with four errors in the word “warm,” and if it they are not comfy with the fact that they did not impose sanctions on us, then let them, so they can keep peace with NATO: won’t bother us any.

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