“If Erdogan and Poroshenko were drowning, who would you save first?” Vignette from Direct Line 2016

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Novorossia Today April 14, 2014

Translated by Tom Winter

A 12 year old girl, Varia Kuznetsova, asks Putin on his Direct Line of 14 April 2016:

“If Poroshenko and Erdogan were drowning which would you save first?”

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It’s already a meme: “If somebody has decided to drown, you can’t save him”

– Varia, you put me in a difficult position. I do not even know what to say. Very well, I think I’ll answer this way: if someone has decided to drown, it is not possible to save him. But … but we are of course ready to extend a helping hand and friendship to any of our partners … If they themselves wish it.

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