Is Jabhat Al-Nusra Waiting for Clinton?


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

5th April, 2016

After attempting to sabotage the peace talks in Geneva by excluding the Kurds and being generally uncooperative with the 4+1 (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Damascus + Hezbollah), the Higher Negotiations Committee magically included a Kurd among their ranks who represented Kurdistan as much as Saakashvili represents Odessa. After another round of talks, Russia decided to withdraw the main focus of their ground forces and the excess air units that were no longer needed. This can be explained according to the “Principals of War”, which state that:

“…employing all available combat power in the most effective way possible, in an attempt to allocate a minimum of essential combat power to any secondary efforts. It is the judicious employment and distribution of forces towards the primary objective of any person’s conflict. Economy of force is the reciprocal of mass.

No part of a force should ever be left without purpose. The allocation of available combat power to such tasks, like limited attacks, defense, delays, deception or even retrograde operations is measured, in order to achieve mass at decisive points elsewhere on the battlefield.”

It was later reported that the US and Russia were in talks to exchange information regarding the locations of Jabhat al-Nusra, indicating a possible deal had been reached between Washington and Moscow on how to tackle the remaining Takfiri strongholds (Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa etc). 

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From the perspective of al-Nusra, this signifies that Barrack Obama is not willing to help, at least overtly, Turkey and Saudi proxies to encircle Aleppo, and prefers instead to pursue the liberation of other areas to benefit his own personal reputation as he is leaving office in November. On April 2nd, 3 prominent members of Al-Qaeda were killed by a US airstrike in Idlib – a further sign that Obama doesn’t want to tarnish his reputation by further dancing with the Ottoman-Wahhabi devil. 

There is also the curious case of the secret CIA trip to Moscow – the meeting that actually mattered, not the Geneva talks, which are mainly for the cameras. The CIA will have most likely discussed what will happen with Raqqa, which is ultimately what the war in Syria will boil down to.

Currently, the 4+1 is planning a large offensive in Aleppo as they are seemingly aware that Al-Nusra is willing to dig their proverbial heels in as the HNC could not regain diplomatically what groups like Ahrar al-sham, Jund al-Aqsa, and Jaish al-Islam lost militarily. This is simply because the Russian airforce has been extremely efficient in their operations, even introducing the KA-52 helicopter into the arena. Iran has also been more than willing to send IRGC troops into Aleppo to give Turkey and/or Saud something to think about should they finally cross the red line. 

For the reasons stated above, it would appear that Saudi Arabia and Turkey have realised that under Obama, the odds are very much stacked against them, and the only thing that can improve these odds is the election of Hillary Clinton as US President in November.

Well known for her ultra-liberal and hyper-Zionist tendencies, she would be more than willing to send US troops to Syria to push back the Syrian Army, and even lobby for a no fly zone. This would allow the partition plan to come to the surface, and of course, would allow the Takfiri proxies to gain militarily what cannot be gained diplomatically. This will certainly be playing on the mind of Russia, who most likely will want to liberate Aleppo with the utmost urgency.

The news that a Syrian Su-22 was shot down in Aleppo by a Nusra MANPADs (fired by Ahrar al-Sham who have the same ideology) is also a sign that Nusra is more than willing to pick off the occasional aerial target and bury themselves underground, waiting for Hillary Clinton to enter the desert like Zbigniew Brzezinski once did in Afghanistan in 1979.

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