Kiev has done nothing about Minsk — French MP

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RT France April 4, 2016
Original title: “Europe wants to be blind”
Translated from French by Tom Winter

The LR deputy Thierry Mariani is in Moscow as part of an official delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. He deals with the Minsk Accords, the sanctions, and the situation in Syria.

“I fear that the Minsk process is blocked,” says the Republican deputy after his series of meetings with Russian and Ukrainian officials. 

“Although the Minsk agreements are still the roadmap for Russia, none of the commitments of Kiev to reforms has been kept,” he stressed, adding: “The situation in Ukraine is catastrophic and war is the best pretext for justifying the lack of results. While Russia and Europe have every interest in ensuring that things go forward, the United States benefits from the breach between the two.”

Even though I’m in the opposition, I want to help the government

The MP said he was “pessimistic” about the Minsk process, whose implementation is the essential condition for lifting the sanctions against Russia. Nevertheless, on the proposal of Thierry Mariani, the National Assembly will vote April 28 on a resolution on the renewal of the restrictive measures. “I want to help the government, even though I am in the opposition,” quips Thierry Mariani, who contemplates many French Socialist ministers shifting toward Moscow, waving promises to lift the sanctions, but who are doing nothing under the pretext of their powerlessness vis-a-vis the European organizations.

“All that’s needed for Europe to lift the sanctions is for just one country to say ‘I’ve had enough!'” the MP insists. Even if the vote in Parliament has no executive power, Thierry Mariani “can not imagine for one second,” that in the home of human rights and democracy, they could laugh off the Parliament. 

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“On April 28 we will see who is honest and who is a hypocrite,” he explains. 

In addressing his visit to Syria during the Easter weekend, Thierry Mariani welcomed the recapture of the city of Palmyra by the Syrian government forces. He lamented the inaction of the Western coalition which has failed for two years to end the Daesh financial supply networks. For the MP, the situation has changed thanks to the Russian intervention, which has managed to dry up the terrorists’ financial revenue, and enabling the advance against Daesh.

They say Assad is some creep and then turn around and give the Legion of Honor to a Saudi minister who has just beheaded 500 people

“Each terrorist killed in Syria is one terrorist less to show up in Europe,” the deputy stressed. “And it is in the interests of the whole world  that Daesh and Al-Nusra get eliminated” — a principle not reflected in French foreign policy.
 “They say Assad is some creep and then turn around and give the Legion of Honor to a Saudi minister right after he’s beheaded 500 people,” says Thierry Mariani with some indignation. 

Similarly for the partnership with Turkey, where one can see “a kind of Islamic sultan who has embarked on policies dangerous for the West.” The member advises not to trust the Turkish government promises about the refugee crisis and fears that the waves of migrants “are going to continue as before” in the coming summer.

“The message of Angela Merkel welcoming refugees is a huge mistake,” said the deputy, “history will judge it as a disaster,” he concludes.

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