Korotchenko: “Ukraine could give Kharkov back to Russia to pay off its $3 billion debt”

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April 23, 2016 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

Petro Poroshenko has been advised to transfer the Kharkov region to Russia in order to repay the three-billion dollar “Yanukovich debt.” 

Such a proposal was put forth by the main editor of the journal National Defense, Igor Korotchenko, live on a Russian political talkshow. He also wrote on his Twitter: 

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“During the program ‘The Meeting Place’ on NTV, I proposed that Ukraine give Kharkov region back to Russia to pay back its $3 billion debt.” 

According to Korotchenko, Kiev authorities could quite legally give Kharkov back to Russia following a referendum in the region. In return, Moscow could forgive Ukraine of its debt taken on by Yanukovich in 2013 in the amount of three billion dollars, the return of which has now become a subject of the post-Maidan rulers’ speculations. 

Korotchenko has no doubts on the positive outcome of such a referendum. After all, Kharkov is a Russian city which in April 2014 almost became the Kharkov People’s Republic. 

He also recalled how Greece was offered to transfer some of its islands in order to pay off foreign debt. European politicians did not criticize such an initiative, but on the contrary considered it to be perfectly reasonable.

Internet users have responded to Korotchenko’s with thunderous responses. Some have offered to “bring back home” to Russia not only Kharkov, but also half of Ukraine. As we can see, the idea of Novorossiya still hasn’t left our minds, despite its diligent elimination from broadcasts. 

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