Media Reports Death of Seventh Russian Soldier in Syria

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

5th April, 2016


Two Orenburg websites ( and RIA56) have reported the death of a Russian military serviceman in Syria. According to media reports, a special forces officer was killed, a native of the Orenburg region – Vadim Tumakov.

His relatives, whose names did not state, are unaware of the details or exact date of his death… They just know “only that he died around the same fateful day that Alexander Prokhorenko died (Russian special forces officer, whose death in Syria was reported by the Defense Ministry on 24th March)”.

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According to the website, Tumakov’s body was delivered to his home in the village of Pokrovka in the Sol-Iletsk district of the Orenburg region. In turn, the website RIA56 reported that the body of the Russian soldier was brought home a week and a half ago; a few days later his funeral took place.

The administration of the Sol-Iletsk district did not comment on RIA56’s information about Tumakov’s death. In the regional military Commissariat, information on the death of Tumakov in Syria is not confirmed.

“He served under contract. The mission had been long. But Vadim tried to avoid our questions . He never shared where he was and what he had seen. He was kind, strong, and kindhearted. A real Russian hero,” quoted from the words of Tumakov’s relatives.

The Ministry of Defence has officially reported the death of a seventh Russian soldier in Syria. Previously, the deaths of six Russian soldiers during the Syrian operation were officially reported.

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