Minsk Violations – the Proof


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

11th April, 2016


While Ukrainian politicians and generals talk about how the DPR is violating the truce, look for phantom Grads from the army of the Russian Federation,  and pin their own violations on uncontrolled battalions, ghosts and super natural phenomena, the proof of what is really going on started to appear.  In this age of phones it’s hard to hide something. This photo is of Ukrainian Grads firing on the territory of DPR from this past winter.

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But maybe this is a training exercise? No, it’s not.

Expect stories about it being filmed at Mosfilm, that it is not Ukrainians, or that volunteers simply brought Grads to volunteer’s battalions  But, of course, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the government of Ukraine do not have anything to do with it. They can’t blatantly deceive the whole world, right?

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