Naryshkin Calculated How Many Days a War Between Russia & Ukraine Would Last

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th April, 2016


If Russia was to fight with a country that is comparable in capacity to Ukraine, the conflict would last a maximum of four days. This was stated by the speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin at a meeting with participants of the Russian-German workshop in the Duma, reports RIA Novosti.

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Naryshkin stated this in reaction to the statement by political scientist Alexander Rahr, who said that “Russia now has three wars”.

The speaker of the state Duma has noticed that in these three armed conflicts, Germany, like Russia, is also an international mediator or guarantor of the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

“But do you believe the statements made by the Ukrainian political leadership that Ukraine is fighting with Russia? If for some reason Russia has to wage war, to resist the aggression of a country, and the country is comparable to Ukraine in its capacity, I hope that all understand how many days the conflict will last – two, three, a maximum of four days. And everyone understands what the result would be of this conflict”, the agency quotes Naryshkin.

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