Planet of the Apes in Ukraine: Zaporizhia Junta “Decommunizes” Dneproges


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th April, 2016


The famous Hollywood film about semi-primates crushing the remnants of human civilization got its continuation in junta-occupied Zaporizhia. This time Dneproges dam, which is the hallmark of the city, fell under the hands of the barbarians.

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From the early morning, industrial climbers were fighting, armed with both a sledgehammer and a grinder, the concrete bas-relief of the dam “Dneproges plant named after V. I. Lenin”.

By 14:00, only the first two letters of the signage were destroyed, and the dismantling of the third begun. Dneproges and the monument to Lenin does not give up easy and will force the vandals to sweat.

In addition, two huge models of the order of Lenin and the red banner of Labor attached over an inscription, awarded to the team energy giant for its labor achievements, were removed.

Recall that less than a week ago on the orders of the junta in Kiev, the monument to the Komsomol-builders of Dneproges was destroyed.

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