Reforge the Trident into an Eagle: Ukrainians Massively Flee to Russia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th April, 2016


The statement from representatives of the International Sociological Association (ISA) may cause a serious blow to Kiev’s propaganda. Yesterday, in its special report, the independent experts found that every fifth resident of Ukraine is seriously thinking about emigrating to Russia, and every third person intends to acquire a package of documents guaranteeing them a residence permit and the right to work in Russia.

Moreover, one third of graduates of Ukrainian schools intend to continue their education, not in local universities, and not even in the Sorbonne or Oxford, but, for example, at MGIMO, MIPT, St. Petersburg State University, and Novosibirsk State University. According to some reports, Ukraine’s security services have been instructed to monitor this trend and create a so called “lists of potential traitors”. A correspondent of the Federal news agency has looked into the situation.

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Young resident from the Sumy region Zenon Vysotsky (name withheld) now cannot claim the school gold medal due to him according to the estimates, but also a “decent” school-leaving certificate. And all because of his essay on Ukrainian literature on the seemingly banal theme of “Who he want to become”, he made from the point of view of Ukrainian patriots, three errors. He wrote literally the following: “In the cult Soviet film “the Adjutant of His Excellency”, the White Guard was represented exclusively by intelligent, respectable people for whom the words “honor” and “conscience” are indisputable truth. I want to become a Russian officer.”

The fact is that, given the injection of nationalist hysteria in Ukraine, words and phrases like “Soviet”, “The White Guard”, and especially “a Russian officer” is actually equated to discrediting the government. In the letter from the local patriots to the leadership of the school to Zenon, it is declared that the young man “will have to face up to his errors”. How this will be done — it is easy to guess. The teenager confirmed that he will take the first opportunity to “leave for Russia to  be able to live a full life.”

A full life, without fear of being branded with the nickname “separatist”, which has already become a household word, is by dreamt Tatiana Petrovna in Kharkov, who is a historian by profession. In her time she had the imprudence to name Stepan Bandera and Yevhen Konovalets “Hitler’s henchmen” – eventually she lost her position at the Institute’s Department. “I will find a job in Russia, to live with this (in Ukraine) is becoming increasingly difficult,” she said in a private conversation with the correspondent of the Federal news agency. “First I will complete the necessary documents for a residence permit, then I will think about a Russian passport. There is a corny phrase: “swords into plowshares”. In this context I can say: “Reforge the Trident into an eagle.”

Cases like Zenon and Tatiana’s in Ukraine are becoming more frequent. “We can only capture a sharp increase in the number of Ukrainian citizens, who either want to move permanently to Russia or become temporary residents,” said activist Kjartan Selnes in comments to Riafan on European human rights. “Today this process can be called mass. At the moment, the laws of the Russian Federation provide for the facilitated naturalization procedure for immigrants displaced by internal tensions in Ukraine. The Ukrainians have the chance for a quiet life in the Russian Federation, starting as a future applicant and ending with a pension. The only question is, what status they will retain in the homeland.”

But the status for those people is not defined in Ukraine. The local leaders of radical movements initiated consideration on the legislative level for the criminal prosecution of “persons who are not Ukrainian patriots”. What exactly is meant by this wording, clearly it is unable to be explained by anybody. In fairness, it should be noted that the Security Service of Ukraine have not heard about the “list of traitors”. However, such a list has long been created by so-called nationalist “intelligence” beyond the control of the government in Kiev.

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