Russia should ban the sale of rockets to the US — Korochenko

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US into space, on Russian rocket engines? (Screen capture from tvzvezda)
Igor Korochenko — screen capture from video at source., April 9, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Igor Korochenko, the editor in chief of “National Defense”, and the director of the World Arms Trade Analysis Center declared on the website of the TV channel “Star” that Russia should impose sanctions on the United States and not sell rocket engines to Washington.

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“The Russian Federation should impose sanctions against the United States – and ban the sale of rocket engines. Let put their satellites into space with slingshots from the MAIDAN.” Korochenko tweeted on the Twitter microblog.

According to him, Washington is demonstrating frank power and frank political pressure on Moscow. Therefore, the Russian Federation should impose a ban on exports of rocket engines to the US, without which the program of the Pentagon’s military satellites will be doomed to failure.

“I think it would be a strong political move. It will show Washington that any sanctions will countered. It will be very painful. These things must be done. Do not be afraid to put the United States in its place. And Russia has leverage over America.” the expert added.

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