Russian aid helps restore public transport in Donetsk


Donetsk News Agency, April 15, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter April 18, 2016

Donetsk Ministry of Transport has overhauled 30 trolleys and 11 trams with Russian aid

More than 40 trolley buses and trams have been repaired in the Republic since the beginning of the year at the expense of humanitarian aid from Russia. This was reported today by the press service of the Ministry of Transport of the Donetsk Peoples Republic.

“Humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation for the trams and trolleys of the Republic has permitted carrying out reconstruction work for the electric transport in the year’s first quarter. In order to increase transit capacity and increase the city’s transport network, 11 trams and 30 trolleys have been refurbished.”

Further, the TTM (Tram-Trolley Management) of Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Yenakiyevo and Khartsyzsk have all received humanitarian assistance. In addition, thanks to the materials received from the Russian Federation, window openings in many industrial environments have been restored.

“Preparatory work is underway to replace 7,900 meters of overhead trolleybus power line, and 5600 meters of overhead tram power line. It is planned to repair 1830 meters of the tram rail tracks, and to replace/repair 17 high tension transmission towers, according to the Ministry of Transport.

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At the ministry they figure that the repair and maintenance work on city electric transport will ensure the smooth functioning of the public transit complex of the DPR, and meet the needs of the population in passenger traffic.

It was reported earlier that Igor Martynov, mayor of Donetsk, visited the plaza of the of the capital’s main terminal, where employees of Donelektroautotrans “began to restore the contact network of tram route number 1,”DMZ – the railway station.”

Translator note: 

The news release says nothing about why the repairs needed doing, though almost certainly, in the case of replacing industrial window embrasures, it was a matter of repairing what the Kiev forces damaged by their artillery shells. My conclusion: The DNR with Russian help fixes what Kiev with US help destroyed. 

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