Russian Ambassador hands French couple Putin’s invitation to the Victory Day Celebration

Alexander Prokhorenko. Screen capture from French RT source.
Micheline and Jean-Claude Mague
Jean-Claude Mague shows the Russian Ambassador pictures from the family album. Screen capture from video at source.

RT Français, April 26, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter April 27, 2016
Retired elderly couple Jean-Claude and Micheline Mague had offered their family’s military decorations to the family of Alexander Prokhorenko, who died a hero’s death in Syria. In thanks, they have been invited to Moscow to attend the Victory Day. 

In April, the French retired couple decided to offer the medals won by their family during the Second World War, to the widow and parents of Alexander Prokhorenko, a 25 year old Russian soldier fallen in Palmyra. These military decorations are the Knight’s Cross of the Legion of Honor and the Croix de Guerre with bronze palm.

An RT report witnessed the strong emotion of Jean-Claude and Micheline Mague at the announcement of their invitation to visit Moscow in recognition of their actions, as surprising as they were altruistic. 

The Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov handed them a personal invitation signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The residents of Florensac, in the region Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, Jean-Claude and Micheline Mague were personally and deeply touched by the story of the young Russian in Palmyra. Having lost their own son in the war in former Yugoslavia they know what the family of Alexander Prokhorenko is enduring.

They consider the silence of the French media beyond comprehension: nothing about the courage to act that the Russian soldier exhibited. “This story, we didn’t see it on television, but on a website. There were questions. How does it happen that nobody is saying anything?” exclaims the couple, adding that the French media merely announced that Palmyra was liberated.

And here is the last straw. We were not even told that the Russians were there, or that they were doing demining. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Answering the reporters’ question about why the French press had adopted this position in covering the liberation of Palmyra, Jean-Claude and Micheline Mague, unwilling to get into politics, could only suppose “we do not know, we do not understand it. Because the relationship between François Hollande and President Putin is not very good, it must be said.”

The invitation of the Russian president was an absolute surprise for the old couple. “How does it happen that the President of Russia has sent us a letter … It’s amazing! We were completely stunned. We thought it was overwhelming” they say. 

Micheline Mague admits to feeling like a tale by Charles Perrault. “Me, I feel like Cinderella going to the ball. That is true ! It’s so unbelievable!”

Jean-Claude Mague hopes that during the parade of Victory Day in Moscow he will meet with the father of Alexander Prokhorenko, to express in person his deep respect to his son that he considers to be a true hero.

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