Saakashvili’s Deputy Outraged by Odessa History Books

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

28th April, 2016


Mikhail Saakashvili’s Deputy Governor of the Odessa region, Sasha Borovik, has declared his indignation at the fact that Odessa is named as the capital of Novorossiya in history textbooks.

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“The 8th grade school textbook is for studying the history of Odessa. It was recommended by the municipality, and one of its co-authors – Bryndak, once an employee of SBU, the Deputy Trukhanov, and a member of the city Council. In the book there are a few references to Novorossiya and Odessa as its capital,” wrote Borovik on Facebook.

As a reminder, earlier, Ukraine decided to add a new paragraph about the military conflict in Donbass in a history textbook. In it, in particular, the current civil war is called the struggle for democracy and independence, and Russia is presented as an enemy of Ukraine.

The Minister of Education Serhiy Kvit stated that many Ukrainian schools will require payment for textbooks, as the Ministry has no funds for printing textbooks.

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