The New Cortege Limousine Will Ensure the Security of the Russian President

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April 05, 2016

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

Vladimir Putin will swap his ride for the special armoured Russian-made car project “Cortege” in the beginning of 2018. The “Cortege” is a project that aims to produce cars for the transportation of the first persons of State. Currently, 4 types of cars have been produced in the framework of this project: a limousine, a sedan, a SUV. and a minivan.

Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov reported that some prototypes are already being tested. We are testing the limousine for about a year, this month we will begin to test the sedans. All standard and certification tests will be completed in 2017, after which the cars will go into production.

In the first year it is planned to produce 200 cars. By 2020 it is planned to increase production to 4,000-5,000 cars of each type per year. Initially, the cars of the “Cortege” project will be assembled in the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute, and later the “Sollers” company production facilities will start its serial production.

The Russian Defense Ministry already expressed their interest in the procurement of the “Cortege” armored vehicles. Cars of the “Cortege” project will also be available for sale. Thus, private clients will be enjoy the presidential level of comfort and security. 

In modern Russia it is common to scold the domestic automotive industry. However, even the most hardened skeptics note the progress made in the industry lately.

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In the autumn of last year, “AVTOVAZ” presented the “X” series cars. First came the “Vesta” sedan, and recently a crossover “Lada X-Ray” saw the light of day. The Russia automobile enthusiasts liked the new Ladas, as evidenced by the demand for these cars.

Many experts noted that the “X” series is in no way inferior, and in some things even surpasses its foreign counterparts. This was confirmed by increased competition between manufacturers for the market of affordable cars.

But Russia also produces “KAMAZ” – multiple Champions of the Paris-Dakar rally races. The KAMAZ is rightfully considered one of the best trucks. And now the domestic auto industry proudly presents the car for the top leadership of the country.

This is a very important moment from the point of view of both the prestige of the country and from security. The Russian President has repeatedly stressed the importance of the creation of Russian vehicles that meet the highest standards of safety and comfort.

It is not rational to rely on foreign models of cars in order to ensure the security of the President of Russia, especially given a whole collection of car accidents as a result of loss of control, the victims of which were high-ranking financiers and politicians.

Technical experts point out that modern cars can be exposed to hacker attacks or intentional sabotage on the part of automakers who are cooperating with foreign intelligence services. The “Cortege” will protect the Russian President, including against hacker attacks.

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