The Syrian blood on the hands of the french Foreign Ministry: Justice for Syria

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Text of meme: “When the French foreign affairs minister supposes that the Jihadist group Al-Nosra was doing a good job on the ground:” “However the US decision to put Jabhat Al-Nusra a jihadist group fighting on the side of the rebels on their list of terrorist organizations was strongly criticized by opposition supporters. M. Fabius in fact stated Wednesday that “All the Arabs were a headwind against the American position, ‘because, on the ground, they are doing a good job.’ ‘It was very clear and the president of the coalition was also of this view,’ the minister added. — Laurent Fabius, Le Monde, December 12, 2012.

in GEOPOLINTEL, February 26, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter, April 29, 2016

“The most basic of justices, the first, is not to cover with the veil of virtue the ferocious criminals who seek to destroy tolerant Syria in the name of intolerance.”

Exit Mr. Fabius, the man with hands covered with blood, and not just with blood contaminated with HIV. He was in fact the architect of the war waged on the secular Syria under cover of benefitting the country with the immense joys of universal democracy. 

The regime the great philanthropist Fabius envisioned is actually one in which minorities – Alawite, Christian, Druze, Shia, Ismaili – would be under the boot of the majority Sunnis, under de facto control of the Muslim Brotherhood, these protege Islamists sponsored and armed by Turkey – as well as, discreetly, as by the Jewish state in the Golan – with the blessing of the great friend of migrants Merkel, former Stasi agent they say, like former Polish President Lech Walesa. 

We also know how Ankara treats its own Kurdish minority Kurds … and the day is dawning when it will be manifest. The question of Christians is definitively settled, millions of them — Armenians, Syriacs, Chaldeans, Orthodox Greeks — were put to the sword and the lucky expelled so that present-day Turkey can breathe freely with a census of hardly more than two hundred thousand of them.

Consider the word of an expert, the ambassador of France Michel Raimbaud [1] about the sanctions that are strangling the Syrian people and motivate candidates for exile …

“In Syria, the Western ‘punishments’… are designed to quell a resilient people and to force them to accept the inevitability of regime change, or to lead them to escape or to desert … 

“Enough of bleeding the country of its youth already formed, its executives aspiring to live better in a climate of peace …

“Enough of making these refugees a people of beggars, with a thank you for traffickers of all types: bear witness to these teeming women and children settled at night at the corner of Parisian boulevards. For five years, our cronying politicians, our complacent journalists, our intellectuals –lost or rogue — participate, with a few exceptions, in the vast conspiracy of lies that puts sovereign and legal Syria in the role of massacring usurper, and his attackers and their sponsors, eastern or western, in the role of revolutionary liberators. 

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“Besides the horror and terror that images of this savage war raise, how can we not feel nauseous before the blindness, voluntary or not, of our elites who prefer to give credit to the lies of their criminal and protege allies rather than to the countless testimonies of victims who point unambiguously at their executioners? How not to feel nauseous before this assumed complicity, barely camouflaged by a systematic omerta? Finally, how not to shudder at the aplomb and the untroubled conscience of our opinion makers? 

“The solution is not to accommodate refugees in Europe that we have in one way or another created by powering the universal war of aggression and Jihad in Syria. We must lift immediately, without delay and without conditions, the sanctions are intended to break an entire people. 

“We must end the war, not multiply its impact by means of shabby, underhanded and unfair sanctions that are in Western style. There has to be justice for this tormented and humiliated people. And the most basic of justices, the first is not to cover with the veil of virtue the ferocious criminals who seek to destroy tolerant Syria in the name of intolerance. It also involves not condoning the immodesty of fouettard masters who punish with complete impunity while maintaining the hauteur of the arrogant. Enough lies, enough hypocrisy, enough lessons.” [2]

On the front of the global war 

While an agreement [3] about cessation otherwise called “truce” is supposed to take place in the coming days – negotiated directly between the Kremlin and the White House – the terrorist forces of the Islamic State cruelly challenged it Sunday, February 21 with an excruciating series of attacks: Homs, the third largest city, suffered its hardest slaughter since 2011 with 59 deaths according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. About an hour later they intervened with a double suicide car bomb in Sayeda Zeinab, a town located 5 kilometers south of Damascus that houses the holiest Shiite shrine, the mausoleum of Zineb, born of Ali and Fatima, daughter beloved Prophet, killing 83 people [Sana Agency], 96 victims for the SOHR.

The enraged beast of terrorism — battered at Aleppo by the Syrian-Russian-Iranian coalition, which continues to advance eastward particularly to Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State — obviously wants to show it can still bite at the very heart of the cities held by the Baathist government [AFP]. At the same time, (Thursday the 18th) Ankara is using heavy artillery over its brder against areas in Kurdish control in the northern part of Aleppo Province. These blasts are aimed mainly Kurdish stronghold of Afrin, not just the areas recently taken by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), an Arab-Kurdish coalition led by the protection units of the Kurdish people, the YPG [Ibid.] . Aleppo province is now split up along the Turkish-Syrian border between various protagonists: the moderate jihadists dear to Mr. Fabius are north, south, closely followed by the Kurds, the Syrian-Iranian forces controlling the south, while the Wahhabi Islamic State still holds certain positions east [Ibid]. Note that the Syrian Kurds, PYD, the Democratic Union Party, located in northeast Syria, just opened at the invitation of President Putin, a representation in Moscow on February 17. In Ankara, the Sultan Erdogan grinds his teeth and is furious that the same day, the 17th, a suicide car bomb in the center of the Turkish capital went off amidst military vehicles causing at least 18 deaths [ibid.AFP ].

But Europol states that between 3000 and 5000 Islamic State terrorists would now be on European soil, getting in during the waves of migration that the EU is currently undergoing with the active complicity of the ruling class [nouvelobs.com21fév16]. 

At the same time the US has opened a third front by bombing Daesh positions in Libya … Ahmed Kadhaf al-Dam, former general of the Libyan army and cousin of Muammar Gaddafi: “Libya, once a stable and secure country, is now in ruins, while its population is forced to flee their home … Libya has become the center of banditry, theft and looting … the terrorists were delivered to Libya by plane under the eyes of the West, which gave them air cover. The West, with its missiles and warships, protected these bandits when they arrived in Libya in 2011, by hiding behind the banner of Islam “[sputniknews.com17fév16].

It is well understood that history repeats itself indefinitely and as the dog returns to its vomit, today the Westerners return to Libya in an attempt to extinguish the fire that they themselves ignited and then transported to Syria. This is called a return trip. The Grandiose politicy of occult masters of the world and their bureaucratic assassins a la Fabius & Co. Thank you, the people of Europe and the East are grateful.
[ [1]. [2], [3]: I have not translated Camus’ three endnotes. Those who wish to pursue them will see them at the original source.]

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