The US Will Not Fight for Donbass


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th April, 2016


The United States has refused to give Kiev lethal weapons, and the sanctions against Russia will not be removed.

“We have concluded that a military solution would be disastrous for all. There would be more pain for Ukrainians, due to the conflict a lot more people are affected than before,” said the US permanent representative to the UN, Samantha Power in an interview with “Voice of America”

Thus, the US, despite requests from the Kiev junta, has not armed the Ukrainian army with lethal weapons. Samantha Power stressed that she “understands the desperation of the people,” but the American side has provided Ukraine with enough help.

“We have provided a lot of non-lethal aid — about $3 billion in loans and other forms of assistance, now we invest a lot in the area of justice and anti-corruption efforts. The provision of Javelins and other lethal weapons may jeopardize the coalition and the sanctions (against Russia),” said Power.

The American representative in the UN said that sanctions against Russia will not be lifted “until Crimea becomes part of Ukraine”.

“We will never recognize what Russia has done, even if it presently looks like words, regulations, and sanctions,” said Power.

She believes that the Minsk agreements on Donbass “have stalled and are not working effectively”. But she admitted that they helped to prevent the conflict from continuing to grow.

“The Minsk agreements are not perfect, but if completed, they would restore Ukraine’s control over the internationally recognized boundaries. This would suggest a kind of decentralization of people who live now on the territory controlled by terrorists,” stated the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power.

In her opinion, the implementation of the Minsk agreements  will “bring stability and they will help Ukraine to rebuild the economy”.

It should be noted that the implementation of the Minsk agreements stalled due to the failure of the Kiev junta to fulfill their part of the contract. In particular, the junta has still failed to adopt the law on local self-government and to hold a full amnesty for the militias of Donbass.

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