The Walls of Donbass – How Quickly Children Grow up in War

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th April, 2016


In my previous post from Novorossiya, I offered to try to look at the world through the eyes of its residents and defenders of the war through the shattered-by-war Donbass, and the opening of the embrasures at the forefront of its defense.

Now I propose you to take a look at the walls of Donbass. Walls and fences are precisely the place where young people and teenagers write the things that seem to them to be the most important, meaningful, and relevant in gaining their color and juice for life, and which, alas, as always, seems to be insignificant to their parents. In any corner of Russia, and not only on the walls and fences, you can find a list of cult music bands, sports teams, figure out someone’s personal attitude to “Basil-goat” or to read pejorative extracts from the wishes to teacher – “Maria Ivanovna”.

In this regard, in Donbass everything is put together, as elsewhere. As elsewhere – the most PERSONAL and INTIMATE are well laid out for everyone to see on those walls and fences. And this “AS ELSEWHERE” is of course, “LOVE” and “SWEET SALIVAS”. Here is the first hormonal explosion, and the wall of the house under cover of night appears a magical inscription with the occult name of a young boy’s lust – Snejana, with a little heart to the side. Oh, how much of doggie’s fear and young bravery in this night’s inscription on the wall!  Oh, how he wish it was Snejana, and only her, to guess whose heart is spread over the wall.

War breaks EVERYTHING, for a peaceful and flourishing land of Novorossiya was invaded by hordes of rabid haters of Russians. Of course, once they were marking at night the walls in their Galicia and Volhynia with love letters, but now what they have brought is not love, but HATRED. It is already not night and day that perpetrators of forcible Ukrainization  began to leave their autographs on the walls of the ruined houses occupied by them on Russian land. In order to make Snejana aware about what exactly is awaiting her and her secret admirer, the new owners let them leave a mark on the wall – “25 BAT” [battalion]. The same battalion that distinguished itself  by special atrocities in the territory occupied ukro-fashist Uglegorsk, Nikishin, and Debaltsevo (photo 1).

HATE went to burn out the LOVE in all the land of Novorossiya, shooting at it from tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, “Grad” and “Hurricanes” covering it, the bombs and mortar fire destroying it. Is this Russian beauty, on whose fence even after murderous fire, the inscription “LOVE YOU TERRIBLY” remained intact, still alive? Has the young guy who confessed his love to her, survived? (photo 2).

I don’t know… Hate for Russia came to Donbass to exterminate any manifestation of love under the slogan “War to the last Russian!” So it was necessary to exterminate ALL, regardless of gender and age. Here is the fence of the kindergarten in Debaltseve. (photo 3).

Here is Debaltseve secondary school, which is my age. The inscription of the founding of the school on the wall –”1965″. (photo 4).

Here was taught to love – to love their land, their people, their language, their history, their parents, and their future children. That’s why specifically this LOVE was subjected to destruction and elimination. Is it possible to be inspired by love messages on the walls and fences when ukrofashists are spewing death at every step? No, it’s impossible to protect your beloved ones and keep them safe from this death. You try to take a bus on Trudovskye to go to a meeting with your sweet heart, but you can’t find any shelter here to hide yourself from Ukrainian fascist artillery. (photo 5).

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You can’t wait for a marvellous evening with kisses on the last row in the House of culture because it was destroyed by the invaders. (photo 6).

Not only the temples of culture are destroyed, but on the way to the Temple of God in Donetsk death settles scores with life, because life is love. (Photo 7).

Your home is no longer your fortress, you’re not secure in it and it will not hide yourself and your beloved. And no matter if your multi-storey building is in the heart of Snizhne (photo 8)

, Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, or if you live in a private house on the outskirts of the city, or with grandfather in his house (photo 9)

in Sakhanka, Nikishyne, in Yasinovataya, Debaltseve. Hate of Ukrofaschists to you for being Moscal, Katsap, or Vatnik sends death to any home. And it is in these circumstances that adolescents and youth of Donbass grow up quickly and change fashionable jeans and sneakers for camouflage and boots, and fashionable, cool gadgets for simple and trouble-free PC (Kalashnikov machine Gun). Remember how in the song about the great Patriotic war “Ah, war that you vile made a”… – “Our girls left their white dresses to their little sisters”.

And on the walls of the struggling Donbass appeared a new graffiti as a reflection of the rapid growth of yesterday’s schoolboys and students. Look how deep in meaning and adult content the youth of the Novorossiya’s thoughts are that are now shared with the world  – “CONSIDER the DAY SUCCESSFUL ONLY BECAUSE HE has COME.” (photo 10).

The same walls, the same fences, and yesterday’s teenagers have already acquired indeed a philosophical view after every day’s night shelling, sadness and blood brought by Ukranization. And somewhere in Russia their peers suffer and suffer – “Oh, life is a failure! Dad didn’t buy a fancy toy of the latest model!!!”

But it is thanks to that our Russian world is strong — that together with the children and young people of Donbass, all of us grew up very quickly, and thousands of volunteers from all over Russia for the past 2 years are in the ranks of the defenders of Novorossiya. Russians raised for Russians in order to make appear again on the walls and fences of their houses the usual little hearts and “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!”And to friends and associates as always I call with a reminder – helping our volunteers is constantly needed.

If feasible, you can send to the Sberbank card 639002389045513942.

Card is issued in my name, and I’ll use every penny as intended guaranteed. Help spread information photos and video from Novorossiya on social networks. Information war is also WAR! And the fighter can be anyone!

Retired Colonel of the Russian armed forces Evgenie Loginov (Yurievich).

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