Transcarpathia Maturing A New Republic: Local Deputies Accused of Separatism

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th April, 2016


Deputies of the Transcarpathian regional Council after numerous requests from the people made an appeal to the authorities of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis in Kiev. The people of Transcarpathia wish to manage their own region without the American henchmen in Kiev. The desire of the people was immediately criticized by the servants of the fascist regime of American stooges.

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So, political scientist Ivan Stryapko stated that the decision was taken yesterday, this provocative decision, because members referred to the controversial referendum of 1991, which requires the provision of a self-governing territory with the claim to autonomy.

“In a unitary state it can’t be, because administrative-territorial entities have to have the same legal status, otherwise, it is federalization.

Deputies will now manipulate the draft decision, and will say that there is only one project to decide on, that they didn’t want it, that they were demanding to accelerate the decentralization.. But this decision, in this form is very provocative and has a fine line with separatism, noted political scientist Ivan Stryapko.

As a reminder, yesterday, during the session of the Transcarpathian regional Council, deputies registered an appeal to the first persons of the state that Transcarpathia is recognized as self-governing.

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