(VIDEO) Austrian Neo-Nazis caught with Ukrainian soldiers in Avdeevka

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April 27, 2016 –

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

In the footage presented below, Neo-Nazi mercenaries from Austria are caught cooperating with UAF occupation forces in hunting for people in the Donetsk suburbs not far from the airport.

The Neo-Nazis were superbly equipped. For example, they were identified as using noise-cancelling headphones which cost more than a hundred dollars. They did not hesitate to praise Adolf Hitler and “sig-heil” directly in front of the camera. 

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Ukrainian soldiers who they met along the road also greeted them with Nazi salutes.

The mercenaries spoke with the Ukrainians in English with an obviously non-native accent and mentioned Austria in passing conversation.

With the help of local residents, Russian Spring was able to identify the video, which was taken in late March-early April of this year in the “Opytnoe” district of the Donetsk airport. The mercenaries rode in the trunk along a road in Avdeevka past houses in the center of the village, traveling from east to west along the central “Druzhba” street. They then turned onto “Pobeda” street and headed down the road to “Vodyana.”

In the next stage of our mini-investigation, we will attempt to identify these faces. 

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