(VIDEO) Joaquin Flores to RT on Macedonia: “Western powers are mobilizing the minority against democratic processes”

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April 14, 2016 –

Joaquin Flores of Fort Russ, the Center for Syncretic Studies, and the Independent Journalists Association for Peace (AJKF) appeared on RT to discuss the latest turmoil shaking Macedonia.

Flores stressed that although many Macedonians may have legitimate grievances against the current government, the latest violent protests in response to wire-tapping scandals are merely another Western attempt at subversion. “Many Macedonians are right to be outraged about certain things. However, there is strong evidence – conclusive evidence – that much of this protest has been hijacked by Western powers in order to subvert the sovereignty of the state of Macedonia,” Flores said.

The zig-zagging crisis in Macedonia, according to Flores, has to be understood in the larger context of NATO’s pressuring of the Balkan states to cede more leeway and rights for entrenching its hegemony in the region. On this note, one of NATO’s long-standing objectives is the removal of the somewhat resistant Macedonian government presiding over an increasingly polarized society. 

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When asked whether or not the new protest tide could culminate in a coup, Flores stressed that everything depends on the state’s actions and on the resistance of the majority of Macedonians who oppose foreign intervention. Flores recalled that the recent coup-attempt by Western-backed protests was beaten back by anti-NATO, pro-government mobilizations which outnumbered the “opposition” by nearly three times. In the end, Flores recalled frankly, it’s important to remember that EU and NATO membership would devastate large swathes of ordinary Macedonians and their livelihoods.

“Now they [Western powers] are resorting to taking a minority of the population, albeit a sizable one, having them mobilized on the streets, and work against the democratic processes that have already decided the present government in Macedonia,” Flores explained.

Overall, Flores predicts that the situation will simmer down as long as the current authorities act cleverly, calmly, and refuse to give in to Western-backed protest siege. 

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