(Video) Stevan Gajic talks to RT on Macedonia: “The majority support the current government”


April 17th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ News ~

RT – featuring Stevan Gajic ~ text by Joaquin Flores

Stevan Gajic, a geopolitical associate researcher of the Belgrade Institute for European Studies, and contributor to Fort Russ, spoke to RT about the developments in Macedonia.

Gajic’s assessment is that the situation is critical, with the US backed protest movement trying to undo the outcome of a clean and transparent election which saw the rise of the present government. He affirms that the protesters to have legitimate grievances, but that these can be resolved within the mechanisms and avenues already present within the Macedonian system. Macedonia is an ethnically divided society, with a majority Macedonians and minority Albanians. 

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Albanians will always be dissatisfied, according to Gajic, because Albanians would like part of Macedonia to become Albania. But the minority does not have the democratic support for the changes they would like to see, and have hence shown a pattern of resorting to extra-legal and illegal means to achieve their ends. 

He explains that in Macedonia there have been talks of a Chinesse railway system, as well a Turkish or Southstream. The US, he says, is not happy with these projects because it involves Russia and China becoming more involved in the region. 

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