“100 % of Italian entrepreneurs oppose the sanctions;” Giulietto Chiesa conducts Italian fact-finding tour of Crimea

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Italian analyst and former MP Giulietto Chiesa (left) and his delegation in Crimea

Donetskiy.org, May 19, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter May 20, 2016

Europe is constantly under a lot of pressure from the United States, and many Europeans have the impression that this is not a normal situation. The famous Italian public figure, former MEP Giulietto Chiesa is convinced of this.

The delegation from Italy has been on a three-day visit to Crimea and Sevastopol. The delegation included Senators Pepe Bartolomeo, Paola De Ping and Ivan Simeoni, a member of the Chamber of Deputies Nikola Chirachi, as well as a member of the Regional Council of Tuscany Gabriele Sani. 

The organizer of the trip was the famous Italian social activist and journalist, former MP Giulietto Chiesa. He has repeatedly visited the Crimea, and decided to show his colleagues the peninsula.

The trip is completed, and the Italian deputies have already returned home. And today Giulietto Chiesa today visited the Moscow studio of Radio 
Sputnik to tell about his trip.

“The first impression was a bit funny because all three senators and the deputies of the lower house were surprised by the atmosphere. You know, it’s all different when you read the newspapers and watch our television channels: the situation is very up tight, abnormal, the people are bad off, there is repression, and the like. Our Italian observers discovered a completely different atmosphere: people are living normally, there is no tension, no “tanks in the streets,” no police in sight, either. That is the first impression. Then there were meetings – very positive – with (local) leaders. And then we were on the streets talking to people, there were a few very impressive moments and we also asked a lot of questions,” Giulietto Chiesa said.

In particular, he noted, Crimeans asked why Italy continues with the anti-Russian sanctions, despite the fact that the popular opinion is clearly against it.

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“The answer is simple: it’s because we are not free We can not make decisions, despite the fact that, for example, 100% of Italian entrepreneurs are against the sanctions for the simple reason that they have already suffered serious losses. Just in the Veneto Region in the past six months, they’ve cost € 1.5 billion. This means that Italy is, in fact, paying, and for what? People are asking themselves the question: do US interests coincide with the interests of Italy and Europe? And many will answer, plain as day, “No, they don’t” – said Giulietto Chiesa.

According to the Italian journalist and public figure, Europe right now is under very strong pressure.

“We are paralyzed by the idea of “the common response”of the West. The West has various different interests. The interest of Europe is one thing, and the interests of the United States is another, but the pressure on Italy is very strong, multilateral, and permanent. There is a feeling that this is an abnormal situation, and not just in Italy. It’s the same — in Germany, France, Spain, Greece, all of Southern Europe, they are openly against this line, but there is another part of Europe. There is the United Kingdom, there are the Baltic republics, there is Poland, Romania, and so on. These countries – I would say a bit bluntly, but truthfully — are US protectorates. Though formally part of Europe, they, in fact, are thinking in the American spirit of confrontation” Giulietto Chiesa concluded.

The Insult from Kiev

He expressed dismay and displeasure at the fact that during their stay in the Crimea and Sevastopol, the delegation members were accused by Kiev of illegally crossing the border of Ukraine. Their names, as reported by Giulietto Chiesa, have been put on Kiev’s “terrorist” list, which he considers an insult.

“We are senators and deputies, I am myself a former MP, but I also have a certain level of official status, and to say that we are terrorists! This is a very serious offense. It’s not an accusation, but rather an insult. Already they (the delegation) have written a letter to the Foreign Affairs Minister of Italy, to the Senate chairman, and to the chairman of the lower house of parliament to demand their reaction, because it is an insult to the legally elected deputies who have a legal right to see the situation,” Giulietto Chiesa said.

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