Dear Western journalists, Russians just want to be Russians in Russia, hence the Night Wolves

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May 12, 2016 – 

Evgeniy Radugin, PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

The Wall Street Journal correspondent Thomas Grove has dedicated an entire article to the Russian heralds of victory, the Russian “Night Wolves” bikers. Following their ceremonial ride to Berlin for May 9th, yet another Western journalist began to search for bribery or pressure in order to explain such a peculiar Russian phenomenon as the “heady mix of macho motorcycle riding, militarized patriotism and Orthodox piety.” As it turns out, from our point of view, this is not the point. As always, the Western barbarians don’t understand anything.

The Russian biker club Night Wolves is a byword in the whole Western world. They’re at once non-conformists and hurrah-patriots who surely must have been bought by the Kremlin, who are surely paid – the earth is ripe with such dirty rumors. But the story is actually quite interesting: How did a clever, non-conformist born in the USSR become a real Russian patriot? 

We can’t offer you the history of Sasha Zaldostanov told by himself, but we can go over the milestones of his life, see what made him a non-conformist and dissident fellow with long hair  who is also a patriot and defender of Russia. His story is that of the entire generation, the children of Perestroika and the fans of Viktor Stoi, their maturing, and their changing. Those who waited for change, those who saw it, and what became of it and them all. 

In 1963, a boy, Alexander Sergeevich Zaldostanov, was born into a family of doctors in the city of Kirovograd in the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. His father “covered half of Europe on his belly” [a reference to the heroism of the Great Patriotic War and a book with that very title – J.A.] while his mother was a doctor and resuscitator. Alexander followed in the footsteps of his family’s profession. He studied at the 3rd Moscow Medical Institute where he received the nickname Surgeon.

He was not too fond of the Soviet government, listened to “Voice of America,” and liked motorcycles. He was a dreamer. And he dreamed, like all free-thinking boys and girls (“well-fed children”) about Western-style individual freedom. He had long hair, harassed old ladies sitting on benches, and loved motorcycles and fast rides. 

At age 20, he bought his first motorcycle, a “Yav”. He organized a young group of hooligans named “Surgery” and shocked citizens while annoying elders. He lived in Lyubertsy for some time and, of course, was a major pain in the hind for the local gopniks [Russian slang for poor, uneducated, unkept youth  similar to a British “chav” J.A]. According to his own memoirs, it was at that time that he was in the best physical condition. Just imagine living in gopnik Lyubertsy and being the only guy with long hair. In order to be alive and well, you have to run fast and beat your opponent on the spot. His then “opponents” still live in the suburbs outside of Moscow and gather to remember their violent youth.

Very many of those who lived through the ’90’s were clever, freedom-loving kids of the USSR who saw firsthand what the enemy’s voice had never told them – the unprecedented, brazen pillaging and humiliation of the country, its people, the contempt of the West, the pettiness, the lies, and so on. The children of the ’90’s were liberals, non-conformists, and radicals, but  still Russian people – smart, educated, and brave. They had enough mind and strength to draw right conclusions and admit their mistakes.

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Thus was born the patriotic bikers club “Night Wolves”, as many normal, healthy men stood up to defend their country, their Fatherland, and their people.  Surgeon once said: “The difference between us and other groups is that we accept Russian values, traditions, and do not oppose society. I’ve added patriotism to the figure of the biker.” 

People don’t need to be paid to love their country. The way of the biker is the way of so many thinking and feeling people in Russia. This is the root of Putin’s popularity and the reason why many educated and intelligent people in the country share the Kremlin’s goals. Sure, everyone sees mistakes, but they all understand that they don’t need a Maidan to fix them. 

Putin is sincere in his love for Russia and many social groups take him up on that. Even his personal opponents share his aspirations for the good of the country. 

Everything is simple, gentlemen. You can not love bikers like Zaldostanov, but it is impossible not to love your country. In Russia, this is bad form. 

The entire country is grateful for the bikers and their ride in honor of Victory Day with the Red Banner in Berlin. 

The Anti-Maidan movement was in fact the brainchild of Zaldostanov and the actor Mikhail Porechenkov. The group is easy to grow because Russians consider defending their country and their world to be something normal. And yes, mostly men are the ones doing so. The main goal of the association is to give a nip in the bud to our liberal traitors give some sedative to Western analysts. After all, the main goal of this organization is combatting, up to the point of physical violence, any illegal attempts to overthrow the current government in the manner of the Ukrainian Euromaidan…

Life and a citizen’s consciousness is Zaldastanov’s secret. Indeed, not only his, but that of the entire generation of the country which lost almost everything. Our experience was simple and common to everyone. Pushkin wrote best of all: “A citizen with a a cold soul is not worthy to the Fatherland.” 

Gentlemen, journalists, and politicians of the West, many people living in Russia, from the peasant to Surgeon, from the petty embezzler to the monk, and from the layman to the president, simply love their country, respect its ideals, and do not want to become you. We just want to live the Russian way in Russia. 

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