Did Russia Bomb Al-Nusra in Idlib on 30th May?

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By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

31st May, 2016

On the evening of Monday, 30th May 2016, the Syrian province of Idlib was attacked by mysterious missiles from mysterious jets. The attacks were numerous and pinpoint. Various photos of the aftermath appeared on social networks within minutes, as well as a video from the definitely-not-a-US-NGO White Helmets.

Numerous Twitter accounts published information that the Russian airforce had been given the green light for airstrikes, although where they flew to exactly was not specified.

Both Western media (Reuters et al) and eastern independent media (Al Masdar) published articles citing Russia being the source of the airstrikes:

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But then, on the afternoon of May 31st, the Russian Ministry of Defence issued a statement denying their involvement in the attacks:

Information Warfare

The mainstream media has established a system whereby al-Nusra & Co. have been camouflaged as ‘civilians’. Any ‘hospital’ that is bombed by Russia is instantly portrayed as an innocent place where children go when they get sick, from Assad’s sieges and barrel bombs, naturally. There is no mention of the actual purpose of these hospitals, and why the White Helmets are so quick on the scene, or even who they are… 

The most probable reason for this statement is that Russia is countering the US’ simulacra with its own simulacra. The overlapping of these hyper-realities creates a digital environment where only the US can bomb not only civilian infrastructure  but also the Syrian Army itself with impunity, as lapdogs like CNN and Fox News can cover for them using its web of phoney NGOs (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, for example) should any information on civilian casualties leak out.

State run media is essentially words from the horse’s mouth in this era of fourth generation warfare, and when we see Reuters and Russia Today publish contrary versions of events (and later Reuters will cite the MoD’s statement), we are seeing another battle in the information war unfold before our very eyes. What actually happened becomes irrelevant (the terrorists are dead regardless), and the new reality is what must be swallowed by media consumers: Idlib was  bombed and civilians were killed; Russia denies it was their doing. 

Regardless of what the media says, Russia bombed Al-Nusra last night in Idlib, and it’s a real shame that we are now living in an era where this good deed is contorted by Capitol Hill into something sinful. 

It really isn’t difficult to imagine that Takfiri compounds are designed (by the US of course) in a way where a make-shift hospital is placed in the center, and a few civilians are admitted for treatment for basic complaints (it helps if they are brainwashed with Salafi ideology too). The ‘hospital’ could have a direct line to US NGOs also. There could even be a designated area that is barren for the US to bomb and later claim they did something.

As usual, the reader must make their own mind up… 


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