Does France have a foreign policy any more?


Philippe RODIER
in Boulevard Voltaire, May 28, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter, May 30, 2016

Saudi Arabia chops off heads and hands in the street, forbids Christians to make the sign of cross, traps women in a nameless archaism, provided almost all of the September 11 terrorists, and has financed the Islamist movements of Iraq and Syria to topple the secular regimes of these countries for the last 15 years. 

But it was entrusted with the UN Human Rights Commission, which has never so clearly worn the “contraption” nickname that de Gaulle gave it. 

The Foreign Minister of this dangerous and destabilizing country recently said: “The international positions of France are almost completely aligned with ours.” This, coming from a government representative of that dictatorial Salafist State should normally make one laugh.

Unfortunately, this is the sad truth, and that statement merely expresses the political and ideological victory of the conquering Islam and the mediocrity of our rulers.

Some reminders :

Following the example of the US fiasco in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sarkozy decided in 2010 to conduct his little war in Libya under the inspiration of an alleged philosopher that is not heard at all today on the fate of Eastern Christians. (Of course, without thinking longer-term about the consequences of his decision … Mustn’t ask too many questions anyway.) 

For what result? Chaos and the Islamization of Libya.

More recently, it was Holland who was a few hours from giving the order to bomb Damascus to bring down the last secular leader in the Middle East, which is also the last bulwark against Islamism in the region. France was therefore on the verge of doing what all Salafis dream of, starting with Saudi Arabia and Qatar: opening up a free field for them.

What would be the result? There is no doubt that Syria would switch to the Islamic fascism of the different Muslim factions. What foresight among our leaders! We are far from the prudent Mitterrand who, in refusing to proceed to Baghdad, thwarted the plans of Bush senior by refusing to go to Baghdad.

The political and diplomatic weight of France is worth almost nothing today. Valls has just been politely but firmly rebuffed in his aims by the Israeli Prime Minister as to the role that our country would still play in Palestine, and Holland is totally absent from the negotiations with Turkey. Mamma Merkel has granted herself the sole right and authority to negotiate with the Sultan of Ankara on behalf of Europe, and therefore also of France. Never has our country been associated in any way with this approach.

Yes, France is becoming little by little the political midget that Germany was 30 years ago. It’s sad for France and for Europe.

Hopefully, General de Gaulle, who is in Heaven, is not looking at what is happening down here!

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