DPR journalist database published by infamous Ukrainian “Peacemaker” site

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May 11, 2016 – 

Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

The “Peacemaker” website run by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, on which the personal details of writer Oles Buzina were published just before his murder, has acquired the database with the names of foreign journalists accredited in the DPR.

“All information has been submitted for analysis and utilization in the work of the SBU, Ministry of the Interior, and other competent services of Ukraine,” reported one of the managers of “Peacemaker”, Verkhovna Rada deputy Anton Gerashchenko. 

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Reporter Sergey Belous, who now lives in Serbia but who during the time of military hostilities became famous in the DPR thanks to his reports under the pseudonym John Trust, considers the situation with the publication of the DPR database by “Peacemaker” to be “extremely disturbing.” 

Not only does such violate the right to confidentiality of personal data but also, under conditions of repression in Ukraine, creates a threat for journalists.

Belous, however, noted that the DPR database downloadable from “Peacemaker” is “somewhat outdated.” Nonetheless, “Peacemaker” has posted the data of foreign journalists who are accredited by the DPR.

“The idiocy of this disgusting site is not surprising, but the question at hand is different: how did this database end up in their hands? One theory says that the Ukrainians broke into DNR servers and computers. What will also be interesting is how large Western tv channels and publications will react when they see that they’re there too! Will they put up with the antics of their ‘allies’ or sue them?” Belous commented. 

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