French policy on Syria, Ukraine: “total absurdity” — former intelligence director

The original headline is rather colorful: “Syria, Ukraine: former head of French Intelligence dumps his attache case”

Sputnik France, May 5, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter May 8, 2016

“Total absurdity,” blind submission to US interests … The former director of the DGSE did not mince words decrying the errors committed by France in Syria and Ukraine.

The French were wrong about Syria and Ukraine, said former intelligence director at the DGSE Alain Juillet in an interview with Paris Match. [DGSE: Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, Office of the Foreign Intelligence Service]

“In the Ukrainian case, it’s obvious. To go along with the Americans, we did not look ahead to the consequences of the embargo against Russia. This creates problems at home, but look what’s going on with our agriculture! We cut off its opening to Russia. This is not glorious,” he confessed.

The current president of the Academy of Economic Intelligence noted that even in the United States they are beginning to realize that the crisis in relations between the West and Russia was fabricated by US neoconservatives.
“The rise of Donald Trump shows that Americans are beginning to wash their dirty laundry. When Trump said that the Iraq war was a mistake, he broke a taboo among Republicans, who had buried that issue. 

“And the same goes for Ukraine … the crisis in Ukraine has encouraged all trafficking, all for a story about radar at the border that the neocons wanted,” he said. 

According to Alain Juillet, the French approach to the crisis in Syria was unrealistic:

“It is certain on either Syria or Ukraine, the French were wrong. Either the services came up with bad information, or it is the policies that, despite the information, wanted to go in a direction that was not that of reality. On the Syrian issue, they ignored the reality,” said M.Juillet.

“At the time of the conflicts in Iraq and the four journalists hostage in Syria, we had good relations, even if not official, with Syrian services. These relationships have always served us. Suddenly, we cut the bridges. This is total absurdity,” he points out. 

He said another serious error consists in the fact that France has been manipulated into helping people, supposedly rebellious, whereas in reality they were al Qaeda teams pushed by the Gulf countries.  “And if we did that, it means that we ignored the advice of the intelligence services,” he lamented.

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