G7 – The Race For Titanic


May 29, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

A three-day G7 summit took place in Japan, attended by Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan. The guests of G7 summit at ISE-Shima are prime ministers of Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea, as well as presidents of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Chad.

During the summit the leaders of G7 countries adopted a joint declaration that touched upon the issues of sanctions against Russia, Ukrainian reforms, the Syrian crisis and international terrorism and corruption. In the end, the G7 decided to continue sanctions against Russia, have underscored the need for the settlement of crisis in Ukraine by diplomatic means with respect for international law, and also supported the current reforms in Ukraine, in particular related to the energy sector and called for “further ambitious reforms.” The paper also highlights the call to all parties to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine to cease fire in order to “as soon as possible hold local elections in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” – reports RT.

In addition the participants of the summit adopted a new action plan on combating terrorism, in which they agreed to strengthen the cooperation on data exchange and to strengthen border control.

Summing up the summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that thanks to consolidated efforts the international community managed to prevent the global collapse of the economy.

Note also that US President Barack Obama has completed his program at G7 summit and visited Hiroshima, where he laid flowers at the memorial to the victims of American atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, and also hugged three survivors and shook their hands.

Expert commentary

Sergei Mikheyev, political analyst:

We live in the age of G7. The “big seven” runs the order, which was created in the last two decades. It is not in their interest to change anything. So when we expect some breakthroughs from them, we don’t want to understand a simple thing: they already did everything as they wanted, and now are moving along this path. Their goal is to hold on to global leadership, by all possible means to stretch it to the most remote corners of the earth and not to allow any alternative views. They don’t need to solve the problems of planet Earth. Yes, the G7 presents itself as if it cares, but you have to be complete fools to believe it. 

G7 expressed the need for the global economy to grow – the whole issue is approach. I think, humanity has long been lost in these concepts, which it has itself invented. What is economic growth, why you need it, why is it the meaning of life? Western leaders follow a discourse in a paradigm which they are used to. It is important for them to protect the global flows of money and profits from financial flows. They focus on this mission, while others are busy producing. And they try to impose their discourse on the world as the only true one.

Regarding Obama’s Hiroshima story. The United States are now at the peak of power. The moment when they tumble from the peak is inevitable, the only question is when and how. The Americans are stressing the simple things – we do and say what we think is right, not what you think is morally justified. Suppose that, from this point of view, their claim to be the moral leaders of the world is untenable, but to be honest, no one seriously thinks about it. Maybe there are some people who are willing to assign them moral priorities, but in reality nobody believes that it is important to the United States. They confirmed one simple thing. If something has happened many years ago, we will not reject our actions and believe that everything that we have done is the right thing. In addition, Americans understand that if a precedent is created, tomorrow someone else will ask to apologize for something. And that’s how the myth of American righteousness will fall apart . Therefore, they don’t do it absolutely consciously. 

Regarding Crimea, G7 de facto accepted Russian sovereignty over the peninsula. Their humility is reflected in the fact that they are not taking any active steps, can’t, don’t want to, are afraid and so on. On the other hand, their position has not changed, they confirmed at the summit what has been said previously. No miracles happened, but they were not expected. Maybe some people from the liberal financial bloc want to convince us that there is a prospect. But obviously it is wishful thinking. 

Andrei Fursov, economist:

The last G7 summit showed a complete intellectual impotence of its participants, the complete absence of a future project from that part of global elite which stands behind the people we saw at the meeting. The fact that they have no vision of the future is absolutely clear, it is to turn on the printing press, print dollars and go forward up mount Sisyphus. And I think individually each of them understands this, they are not total idiots, they realize that this is a race to the abyss or a race for a ticket to Titanic. But they represent the interests of a certain class which can’t stop and is following its course.

The global elite reminds me of a shark from the BBC movie “Violence”. There is a scene: a net is cast, a bunch of fish is caught, including a shark. The shark’s belly is ripped, but it continues to eat other fish, which immediately fall out from its belly. It reminds me of the North Atlantic clan which has no agenda. I wonder why they did not make, for example, sanctions against Russia or something like that a global problem. Complete standstill. So let them run, the most important thing is that we don’t run with them to this dead end. 

You need to understand what really supports the so-called post-industrial economy. It is prompted by the gross domestic product, which is created by India and China. In 2010, economists calculated that if you subtract China and India from the global gross domestic product, it will be at the level of 1980. And how is the gross domestic product of India and China created? The Chinese report that 50-60% is manual labor, about 70% in India. That is, super-exploitation of manual labor of hundreds of millions of Indians and Chinese keeps the parasitic economy afloat, whose representatives gathered in a not so great “7”.

And we do not want to tumble into the abyss with the “seven”. Therefore we can not solve the issues of our system as prescribed by some Kudrin. What needs to be done is a different conversation. Again, the main thing – it is clear, what not to do: not to run together with these gentlemen for a ticket to Titanic. Let them buy up the tickets and float.

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