German soldiers once again in Donbass: Have the lessons of history been forgotten?

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May 24, 2016 – 

Aleksandr Moskal, News Front – 

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Translated by J. Arnoldski 

The Nazi fascist occupation of Donbass lasted for about two years. In some places a bit less; in some a bit more. In the memory of the land’s population, this occupation remained years of a continuous nightmare from which occupation cost enormous sacrifices of Soviet soldiers. We are not merely talking about Saur-Mogila which became a symbol of the fight for the liberation of the Donetsk region. The memories of that time have been kept by each family of Donbass’ descendents. My wife’s grandfather on the paternal side died whil liberating Stanitsa Luganskaya. Her uncle on her mother’s side was almost shot in Yasinovataya for throwing a stone at a German soldier. The ten-year old boy was only saved by the other occupants, the Italians, who knocked the rifle out of the German’s hands. 

Today a front line with Nazis once again runs through Stanitsa Luganskaya and Yasinovataya. In the first, Azov and and Aidar Nazi battalions are based. In the second, there is another unit of Azov formed from members of the Social National Assembly which, despite the truce, constantly goes on assaults and shells. These are battalions of Ukrainian Nazis, but they are also participated in by foreign mercenaries, including from Germany. Moreover, soon enough in Donbass could appear soldiers from the regular German army. Although two years have passed since the news was released that 200 paratroopers from Seedorf, Lower Saxony stationed in Bremen will be transferred to the zone of the punitive operation against the population of Eastern Ukraine, nothing goes unnoticed. 

Poroshenko and co. have insisted on the introduction of foreign military forces in the area for about a year. The calculation is simple: by hiding behind the foreigners like an umbrella, Kiev will be able to shoot at the cities of Donbass and the positions of the Novorossiyan army with impunity. Any retaliatory strike would be treated as an attack on peacekeepers followed by the armed “peacekeeping” of a foreign contingent. This is in fact what the “president of peace” is after, whose hands are stained with the blood of the civilian population of the DPR and LPR.

The Ukrainian leadership and its generals are ready to fulfill the UN Security Councils’ resolution on settling the situation in Donbass only in words. Although there is silence over plans to destroy the DPR and LPR according to the “Croatian scenario”, the following can be heard in the defense council of Ukraine: “The establishment of a special armed policing mission of the OSCE…will aid us in peacefully ensuring a transition period.” That means using the truce to accumulate significant military forces and then suddenly attack and seize the unrecognized republics and massacre the “separatists”, who the entire population of the territory currently not controlled by Kiev are considered to be. 

In the Serbian Krajina of Croatia, the demarcation lines were also controlled by peacekeepers, which did not prevent the Croatian government from conducting a series of military operations and in the end destroying the unrecognized republic. Moreover, the actions of the Ukrainian leadership fully resemble the actions of the Croatian leadership. Like Tudjman, Poroshenko is well aware that the actual execution plan for a peaceful settlement is political suicide for him, but under the pressure of American diplomats he was forced to pay lip service in adopting the plan. Poroshenko, like Tudjman, categorically refuses to hold direct dialogue with the breakaway region, all the meanwhile busying himself with preparations for a purely military resolution of the problem. 

There is little doubt that the situation in Ukraine will unfold to be exactly like this scenario since Ukrainian authorities insist on the deployment of some kind of “peacekeepers.” They adamantly rejected the Belarusian contingent and instead demanded that only foreign troops from the NATO bloc of countries could come, who would be manipulated by and have their tone set by the Americans, the greatest friends of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. NATO instructors are already training Ukrainian punitive forces and the NATO countries, as the Ukrainian ambassador to the US, Valeriy Chaly, admitted, are secretly supplying the Ukrainian army with weapons, and NATO officers are fighting in the conflict zone on the side of Kiev. Senior leaders of the alliance long ago officially rushed in “to assist Ukraine in countering Russian aggression” with troops and weapons. So far, the only restraint has been the discretion of the leadership of NATO countries. But, as we have seen, this discretion is coming to an end. 

The German contingent was planned to be deployed to Donbass as an armed defense force of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE. But only 50 people out of 200 are to be allocated for these purposes. The remaining 150 will be engaged in the maintenance and management of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. That is, they will under totally lawful conditions collect intelligence in the interests of the country and military block sending them to Ukraine. 

Just the defense aspect is not so simple. These 50 personnel are supposed to act as an armed guard for the observers whose numbers are to be increased to up to 800 people. Yet on this note, over the course of the entire conflict, not a single threat to the lives of the observers, except during artillery fire coming from the Ukrainian side, has arisen. 

There is only one exception. The command of the neo-Nazi punitive battalion Aidar has refused to let observers into the battalion. One German paratrooper for sixteen unarmed observers against a platoon of Ukrainian soldiers with weapons is not only ridiculous, but stupid. 

The second conflict situation was the nighttime arson of several SMM OSCE vehicles in Donetsk, but the lives of observers were not threatened. And this was done in protest against the blatant bias of the mission.

The bias of the OSCE began with the very moment of the SMM’s creation when ethnic Ukrainians of Canadian origin were appointed its leaders and deputies, which is strictly against the principles of the organization, openly condoning the views and beliefs of the punishers. 

OSCE observers have refused to go out on demand for recording ongoing shelling, and they refuse to record the these attacks on the grounds that they cannot go to the necessary place due to… ongoing shelling! Fighters of the army of Novorossiya have more than once recorded that Ukrainian shelling ceases when an observer group is about to arrive only to resume immediately after their departure. The intelligence services of the DPR and LPR have more than once recorded the vehicles of the OSCE SMM delivering ammunition to and even providing cover through their convoys for the punitive forces during attempts to occupy neutral zones. 

The question of introducing an armed contingent as “support for the OSCE” was discussed back in October, 2015, but analysts’ opinions as to whether or not it will be deployed were divided.

Not long ago, the OSCE leadership, which is now chaired by Germany, refused to arm observers in Donbass, considering instead that they would operate more efficiently without weapons. Just the other day, the Secretary General of the OSCE, Lamberto Zannier, said that during elections the OSCE would “be ready to allocate hundreds of employees, possibly armed, so that the election process will take place in a peaceful atmosphere.” Maybe “possibly” means “everyone agrees,” but the fact nonetheless remains. 

On May 21st, during a telephone conversation with French president Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel, Poroshenko urged Germany to accelerate the development of proposals on sending an OSCE police mission to Donbass. Not just anywhere, but “to those areas of Donbass controlled by the militia.”

It appears that Europe knows that on this same day, May 21st, Poroshenko stated during his address on the occasion of Europe Day: “Today it is we Ukrainians who are protecting Europe from barbarism, tyranny, terrorism, aggression, and militarism which haunts our entire continent. We, Ukrainians, are now on the front line of defense of European civilization.” 

But Europe ignored these statements. Then the return to the question of introducing German paratroopers to Donbass was possible again, as proposed by experts from the military departments of Germany and France.

From the point of view of international law, this is called interference in an internal conflict of a state on the side of one of the conflict’s participants. 

There is yet another aspect of the deployment of foreign troops to Donbass, a moral and historical one. For the inhabitants of Donbass, today’s attacks by neo-Nazi punishers, this war, is associated with the events of the Great Patriotic War when their grandfathers and great grandfathers shed blood in the fight against the German Nazis. Thus, the arrival of German paratroopers in a region which suffered so badly from the Germans in 1941-1943 causes an entirely natural reaction: “Stand up for the fatal battle with the dark fascist force, the damned horde.” [These are the lyrics of the famous Soviet song “Sacred War” – J.A.] 

Sending German troops to the border with Russia, against whom, as Poroshenko asserted, Ukraine is at war and defending “European civilization” is a well-planned provocation against not only Donbass but Russia. First and foremost, this is a provocation against Angela Merkel who will now be blamed for following in the footsteps of Hitler. However, as Gleb Zheglov  said, punishment does not come without guilt: the lessons of history should not be skipped over by Frau Merkel and her generals! 

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