“Her name is Killiary”

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The author of this following article makes a portmanteau word of “Kill” and “Liar.”

Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein
In Boulevard Voltaire, May 26, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter, May 27, 2016
“The doctrine of the neocons is to wage preventive wars on countries that could challenge their hegemony over the world.” 

A nickname that brings together three disasters at once: “kill” (kill), “liar” (liar), just leaving two letters left over from the name. 

She has openly rejoiced at the despicable lynching of Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died,” followed by a vulgar laugh and self applause. This is the same person that compared Putin to Hitler. 

Washington just laid a heavy hand on Brazil by the removal of the supposedly corrupt Dilma Rousseff – a great pro-Russian influence in the BRICS – to set up a CIA agent fully as corrupt, Michel Temer, who is in favor of TAFTA – which was not the case with Rousseff, according to WikiLeaks. This puts an end to the good cooperation between the BRICS and Russia.

Moscow’s response was not long in coming. According to Judge Napolitano on Fox News, Moscow, which has 20,000 “Killiary” emails, could publish them. This is what is happening these days on Russia Today, American edition, which reveals emails from from the “Killiary” private server, clearly showing it was the Saudis who financed the attack against the US Embassy in Benghazi,** where US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was brutally murdered. “Killiary” knew, but was sleeping at that time. I do not forget Obama, the responsible-in-chief, nor Sarkozy and his junkyard diplomat BHL. For now, we are in the communications war, until further notice.

Putin has in recent days warned the US: “If it’s Hillary, it’s war,” as reported by The European Union Times. 

However, Vladimir Putin, contrary to what is spread by the Washington “Propagandastaffel,” extensively spread around by the media on orders of the West, is not the belligerent that we think. Since the docile Yeltsin disappeared from circulation, Russia – the largest country in the world, it must be remembered – stood up again in the grip of Vladimir Putin. One cannot resurrect the decaying largest country in the world without a fist. Let it be told for one’s attention. In addition, Russia has enough to do to make good economic use of the vastness of its territory.

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How can we, in these conditions, imagine that Russia wants to reclaim her former Soviet satellites, as Washington would have us believe?

By publishing the emails from “Killiary” the Kremlin gives a tremendous boost to Donald Trump, whose win over “Killiary” is the hope of the enlightened and the lucid.

Last but not least, one has to notify the vassals of Washington that if they continue to encircle Russia with NATO, Russia will not let them. Washington is trying with difficulty (it must be said) to bring in Finland, which has a direct border with Russia. The Finns are not in favor.

For those who will have forgotten, I recall that the doctrine of the Washington neocons is to make preventive wars on countries that could challenge their hegemony over the world.

Accordingly, the victory of “Killiary” would mean war, and we Europeans would be its first victims. It remains, once more, to hope for the victory of Trump, again, and that European chiefs resume their sanity, because the Kremlin does not joke.

We are back to pre-Reagan period of the cold war, which this time is fast degenerating, as in the fears alike of Kissinger, Noam Chomsky and Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Treasury Secretary for Ronald Reagan.
**Did the Saudis fund the Benghazi attack, in particular? Your translator cannot vet this assertion. The only reliable source for RT publication of H. Clinton’s emails is from four years ago, here.

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