Human Rights Hypocrisy: Pregnant Odessa journalist imprisoned for “almost separatism”

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May 3, 2016 – 

Oleg Polevoy, PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

“Human rights in Ukraine: what are the liberals silent about?”

Such a woman as Elena Glishchinskaya-Romanova won’t be beloved on air with Liya Akhedzhakova and won’t be found moving Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s money. After all, she’s not a murder, not a Nazi, and not a fraud, but a real political prisoner – a person suffering for her rights advocacy and enlightening activism. Despite her pregnancy, two small children, and disabled father, she won’t be released from jail even if there was a real threat to her and her baby’s lives. Where do you think these horrors are from?

Probably “Russian Mordor”? That place where the sun doesn’t even shine at noon and where all the germs of freedom and democracy perish? Nope, you guessed wrong! We’re talking about free, prosperous, and European Ukraine…

A few days ago, the media and blogosphere spread happy and sad news at once: the Odessa political prisoner currently in custody gave birth to a boy. But who is this woman? What is so scary about the fact that she was held in jail even through bleeding and the threat of miscarriage?

Our heroine here is Elena Glishchinskaya-Romanova, a journalist from Odessa. Who did she stab, blow up, or rob? No-one. 

Why is she in jail? Because she is accused of separatism and, as follows, state treason. But not even separatism itself, but rather “creating conditions for it.”

Here are excerpts from Glishchinskaya’s indictment published by Odessa media which specifically point to what the journalist is accused of:

  • “creating the corresponding conditions for the formation in society of the erroneous impression that state institutions are incapable of performing their usual functions on the territory of the Artsizsky, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Bolgradsky, Saratsky, Tarutinsky, Tatarbunarsky, Reniysky, Kliysky, and Izmailsky districts of the Odessa region;
  • spreading opinions of the national and cultural self-identity of these areas and the possibility of adopting legal legislation to this end;
  • calling for general dissatisfaction with life in these areas in Ukraine and the creation of conditions for activism aimed at the separation of these territories”

Further on, the indictment refers to the planting and dissemination of the following ideas through mass media:

  1. The possibility of Bessarabia independently taking decisions on participating in the mobilization
  2. The possibility of Bessarabia creating a legal organ in the form of a national parliament not provided for by the Constitution of Ukraine;
  3. Giving Bessarabia a special status

If the SBU and Ukrainian prosecutor are to be believed, Glishchinskaya planned to realize this “criminal intent” by organizing discussion clubs and press-conferences.

She organized educational activities, particularly the round-table in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky with the theme “The Many Faces of Bessarabia: The Regional Dimension of Ethno-cultural Groups” at which the creation of a textbook on Bessarabia’s regional history for schools was discussed. Finding any kind of criminality in all of this is extremely difficult but, alas, Ukrainian law-enforcement agencies were able to. 

The unique national and cultural identity of Bessarabia is obvious. And one doesn’t even need to go to “Moscow” sources to understand this. It’s sufficient to open well, not so “separatist” resources such as the “Ukrmap” to be sure that a large portion of the population of South Bessarabia is not made up of Ukrainians, but Bulgarians, Moldovans, and Russians! The center of South Bessarabia, the city of Izmail, is one of the two cities found on officially Kiev-controlled territories in which the first largest ethnic group is in fact Russians. In fact, these lands were artificially adjoined to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic not long before Crimea was as well.

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All of these are well-known facts and it would be logical for Kiev to just allow people to “blow off some steam” in defending the national-cultural rights of the local population, but for some reason Kiev opted for a different path. 

As for the “special status,” the wording of this formula itself should remove any suspicion of separatism. A special status, by definition, accords with the framework of the country! Moreover, Poroshenko and co. themselves have promised a special status for Donbass in Ukraine, as well as a special status for Crimean Tatars. So let Ukrainian law-enforcement organs imprison Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, and all of their brethren on charges of separatism! But for some reason, they are in no hurry to do this…

The most tragically comical aspect of the situation is that the alerted Ukrainian authorities could not even discern any definitive “creating of conditions for separatism” in Glishchinskaya’s activism. Hence her being accused for merely “preparing” to commit this “crime.” 

Think though the very wording of this! “Preparations for the creation of conditions conducive to the development of separatism.” This should be hilarious, but the situation itself is a pity…

In fact, among other things, Glishchinskaya has been blamed for preparing the organization of meetings…wait for it…in defense of the Constitution! 

Don’t you understand what this means? The protection of the Constitution is officially a crime in Ukraine. 

It would seem that legal norms and an elementary sense of humanity would exclude the possibility of detaining a pregnant woman, the mother of two small children, accused of allegedly “preparing to create conditions” for non-violent crimes. In the very same city of Odessa, those involved in the May 2nd “affair”, such as the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Sergey Hodiyak who gunned down two people on May 2nd, 2014, roam freely. Is Hodiyak “not socially dangerous”, while a pregnant journalist “represents a threat to society?”

Even when Glishchinska started bleeding, they kept her in jail and forced her to go to court where she was kept in a cold, concrete basement. Then they denied her a timely call for emergency aid!

Leading Ukrainian media (if it can even be called “media”) have mocked the pregnant political prisoner in front of the whole country. Why has Elena been subjected to such sophisticated mockery?

Elena’s colleagues suspect that she was used to then slander the opposition deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Vitaly Barvinenko. It was demanded that the journalist and rights activist “confess” from the beginning that she was working for foreign intelligence agencies along with the politician Varvinenko. Without such a “confession,” there is simply no evidence as to Elena or Barvinenko’s “guilt.” The only things they could get on Glishchinskaya were broken out by threatening and torturing her journalist colleagues who took the non-existent blame on themselves in order to walk free a la the “Savchenko law.”

But Elena has kept strong. And she should be wished endurance and strength. And it should also be asked why our liberals such as Liya Akhedzhakova who tear their shirts off for the psychotic murderer Savchenko have merely ignored the arrest of a pregnant journalist for having her own opinion? 

Even the European Court for Human Rights which, for obvious reasons, is loyal to official Kiev, recommended that Glishchinskaya be freed from custody and ensured proper medical care. But the Russian liberal public is silent. After all, she’s not Savchenko. 

In this silence lies the most hideous moral deformity of the Russian liberals. And yet these mutes still wonder why they are not loved in Russia, scolded on the internet, and then complain of “persecution.” It’s actually all quite simple. They are not loved because of their cynical lies, their support for Nazi ghouls, and their mocking of a pregnant woman and people put in jail for five years for likes on social networks. 

According to official data, there are only 1122 political prisoners in Ukraine today deprived of freedom. In practice, however, there are many more not mentioned by official information.

Come on, Liya Medzidovna Akhedzhakova, film the same heartfelt movie about Elena as you did for Savchenko. Tell us how you feel about the political murder of writers and the torture of journalists in Ukraine. Or is this not in fashion at your parties? 

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