ISIS Vehicles Use Ukrainian Steel

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

31st May, 2016


Steel from Ukraine was found on an armoured car in the garage of militants in Iraq.

A video was published on the Internet of the Iraqi military investigating a “Islamic state” building captured the day before.

The video was posted on Live Leak. The description of the video states that the soldiers of the Iraqi army seized a cache of explosives and a garage with armored vehicles of ISIS.

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It is alleged that the steel sheets that covered the cars were made in Ukraine. In the video the corresponding marking “Made in Ukraine” can be seen.

Earlier it was reported that ISIS had included Ukraine on the list of enemies. In November last year, the militants released a video where Ukraine and 60 other states were labelled as the enemy.

Recall that on November 20th, Kuwait announced the arrest of a group of six people who supplied weapons to ISIS from Ukraine. Note that the Defense Ministry did not confirm the information that Ukraine is allegedly involved in the supply of weapons to ISIS.

The “Islamic State” spoke about Ukraine for the first time in mid-November. The militants called Ukraine a battleground between the West and Russia.

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