Kharkov Officially Rejects Poroshenko and Turns To Russia


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

10th May, 2016


Finally, something happened that the team of Kiev reformers was long ago afraid of. Ukraine refuses the dictates and demands of Poroshenko and wants to restore good neighborly relations with Russia. Politicians and public figures are doing it quite legally and officially at the state level, so it will be much harder for the President to shirk their duties or to incite dissidents from their SBU dogs.

The first sign in the struggle for independence and opinion was, as expected, in freedom-loving Kharkov. A petition was registered on the official website of the President by citizens for the establishment of an independent “Sloboda” administrative district, which literally in a month received the required 25,000 signatures.

The draft law was prepared and proposed for consideration by local MP’s and public figures. It involves the actual independence of the Kharkov region and the introduction of a special administrative-legal regime independently from the city centre.

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The very real decentralization about which foreign guests with tight purse strings so insistently asked Poroshenko for. Only here do Ukrainians battle for it, and the fight at last was in the home stretch. The bill was developed by the “Sloboda” public council, and the author of the petition is the Deputy of the Kharkov city council Alexander Perepelitsa. Poroshenko has long been trying to crush the public, and it came already in the form of repression and harassment from the SBU.

The under fire President is afraid of the identity of Kharkiv, and has now found himself nose to nose with a serious problem. The open requirements of local residents is contrary to the primary principles of the whole regime. Moreover, the petition also includes a request immediately after its introduction to resume friendly relations with Russia and to restore mutually beneficial trade.

Independent Kharkov wants to get back to basics, and, most interestingly, Ukrainians can support the initiative and in Washington, as an illustrative example. Decentralization is still on the agenda of the donors, and Poroshenko cannot indefinitely fool creditors.

Most likely, the guarantor will resume attacks on “Sloboda Ukraine”, and all the initiators of the project are subject to disposal. Recently, this is the case in a European and democratic Ukraine, but it is difficult to argue with the will of the people if they stand together for their freedom.

Kharkiv has made a choice and has now only to put forward an ultimatum to the President.

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