LPR leader: the martyrs of the Odessa Khatyn were not in vain

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May 1, 2016 – 

Novorossia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

On the eve of the anniversary of the May 2nd tragedy in the House of Trade Unions, the head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, issued an appeal to Odessans: 

Dear citizens of Odessa!

I know that many people from Lugansk want to express their support and solidarity for you on the eve of May 2nd, the most tragic date in the modern history of Odessa. However, contact via telephone or internet would be too dangerous for you. After all, the Banderite “security services” monitor all accessible communication channels. Therefore, for the time being we can communicate only in the form of an appeal. 

The brutal massacre of civil activists in the Odessa House of Trade Unions changed the life of Donbass. It was after this that we understood that Nazism had been reborn in Ukraine and was approaching, and that it was necessary to defend ourselves. After this, we began to form an armed militia. 

The death of the martyrs of the Odessa Khatyn was not in vain. In the most difficult battles for Lugansk, Krasnodon, and Pervomaysk, we remembered that we are fighting not only for ourselves, but also for the heroes of Kulikovo Field. Their ashes pound in our hearts. The tears of their widows and orphaned children burn our faces. 

I know how many genuine Odessans remained in their native city, and I understand how difficult it is for them. After all, you are under occupation just like in 1941. Your “sunny, cheerful city on the Black Sea” has been temporarily seized by sell-out “intellectuals” and dirty money launderers. They are returning the Nazi order and can’t even pay honor to the victims of the tragedy of May 2 on a human level. Just like the former occupants, they imagine that their little Reich will last forever. 

However, in reality they are few and their cause is not just. It would be worth recalling at this point the slightly paraphrased, legendary words of Karel Chapek: “Soldiers of the national-battalions and UAF, you have done everything you could for the sake of the glory of the Ukrainian nation! Now only half of it is left.”

As to the question “What can we do?”, the answer was already given many years ago by a soldier-poet, the author of the people’s beloved song “Today we came as close as we could.” Listen to it more often and come as close as you can to the new Victory Day over contemporary Nazism, the new Day of the Liberation of Odessa. If there are no resources for active operations, then disseminate truthful information, wear a St. George ribbon at home, and record the crimes of the Bandero-Nazis, collect data on the Nazis and their accomplices. David Gotsman will surely come back to Odessa. He loves it, and therefore cannot leave it for too long. The main thing is this: Do not hide from life in your distant homes, don’t wash your hands like Pontius Pilate.

While we may be separated by hundreds of kilometers and the repugnant swamps of lies and hate which Ukrainian media, stadiums, schools, and universities have become, we will help you. And surely we will together launch a new series of “liquidations.” Russians always rise from their knees and swing back! And what’s more: Russians always come back for their own; they never abandon their own. 

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