LPR volunteer Nushtaev to liberal accusors: “This provocation was planned”


May 5, 2016 – 

RusVesna –

Translated by J. Arnoldski

A Russian citizen and fighter of the LPR militia, Aleksey Nushtaev, who together with his brothers was accused by liberal journalist of brutally murdering the family of the ex-police chief of the Syzran, has appealed to the editorial board of Russian Spring. “I, a soldier of the Armed Forces of the Lugansk People’s Republic, along with my brothers Evgeniy and Alexander, have been accused by liberal journalists of murder and other serious crimes,” wrote Nushtaev, asking us to publish his letter without any editing of its style and wording. Without further a do, here is his letter: 

“My name is Aleksey Nushtaev. According to the statements of several Russian journalists, my brothers and I committed a number of especially grave crimes, including the notorious murder of the family of the former Syzran police chief, Andrey Gosht. 

I personally am not surprised by the appearance of such reports in the mainstream media, which for many years has openly propagandized hatred for Russia and the Russian people. But since journalists have dared to touch my honest name with their dirty hands, I am compelled to say a few words in my defense.

The texts by Ulyana Skoybeda (in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” from May 1st, 2016) and Yuliya Latynina (from a blog on the website of “Echo Moscow” radio from May 2nd, 2016) contain clear elements of slander and literary fiction. Neither I nor my brothers Evgeny and Alexander received Russian citizenship in the recent past. We received it at birth, as we were born unto this earth on the territory of the Russian Federation. Neither I nor my brothers committed the crimes which, without an inch of conscience, have been attributed to us by people who call themselves journalists. Moreover, as a rule we have not committed any illegal acts. 

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On May 2nd, 2016,  the persons responsible for the brutal murder of Gosht’s family was identified by law-enforcement agencies. TV news reported that gang members Islam Babaev, Roman Fataliev, and Orkhan Zokhrabov confessed and were arrested by the courts for three months. According to media reports, one more member of the gang is on the federal wanted list. 

However, the reports by Skoybeda for “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and Latynina’s blog on the Echo Moscow radio site called my brothers Evgeny and Alexander the criminal perpetrators. I have a few comments to make on this “version”: 

  1. These media representatives have a somewhat incorrect understanding of the term “freedom of speech,” and therefore decided to earn some cash for cheap “sensations” slandering innocent people;
  2. Someone from their sources decided to play a joke on the journalists and “leaked” them outright false information which they then, parroting speculation, published in the newspaper and on the radio station’s website;
  3. This provocation was thoroughly planned in order to try to set Russians against their compatriots aiding the residents of Novorossiya in attaining independence;
  4. Latynina, who is working on yet another fantasy novel, has lost an elementary sense of reality and has mistakenly published a fragment of her future bestseller on her blog;

Unfortunately, our legislation is a bit too humane towards such rude slanderers, but this does not mean that my family and I are ready to retreat. 

Whatever the objectives pursued by Latynina and Skoybeda are, they should answer for their words in court. And if the journalistic community believes these ladies to be their members, then they should evaluate these journalists’ reports and check their deliberately false judgments for violating the statues of professional ethics.” 

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