Mustafa Dzhemilev Admits That Crimea Belongs to Russia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th May, 2016


The Moscow city court upheld a ban on the entry of the leader of the Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev into Crimea. He will now appeal the Moscow city court’s decision in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

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As is known, the court cannot consider questions of foreign territories. That is, by referring to the courts of Russia, Dzhemilev recognized de facto that Crimea is under the jurisdiction of the judicial system of Russia, and therefore Russia itself.

If the Supreme court does not lift the ban on visits of the leader of the Crimean Tatar people to the Peninsula, he is going to seek justice at the European court of human rights. In fact, Dzhemilev will put the Europeans in an uncomfortable position. By acknowledging the existence of his appeal at the judicial system of the Russian Federation, the European court also recognizes that Crimea is  territory in the jurisdiction of Russia, and we are not talking about any occupation.

If he thinks Crimea is occupied – he should not go to the Russian court, he should go to Kiev. But by appealing to the judicial system of Russia, then, he recognizes Crimea as being Russian.

Dzhemilev is almost a separatist. He acknowledged that Crimea belongs to Russia. Let’s see if the personal data of Dzhemilev will be on the “Peacemaker” website…

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