Neo-Nazi Identified Who Attacked Young Girl in Kiev Because of Her St. George Ribbons

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

11th May, 2016


Blatant savagery took place in Kiev – a story that has already been published in hundreds of publications.

Many of them are now looking for the victim to thank them and to do something to help.

In the photo below you can see the brave girl and her mother who came to the “Immortal regiment” march in Kiev:

Just a few seconds before the attack

Later they would be attacked by an aggressive group of people, who are as of yet unknown, because they attached ribbons to their clothes.

According to some eyewitnesses, they tore the symbols of Victory Day off the clothing of the girl and her mom, and promised to deal with them in case they attach them again. There was all dormant in the eyes of the police and residents:

The attack on the girl’s mother

The photo with the scared and upset girl who had the symbol of Victory Day torn from her clothing has already been reposted by hundreds of thousands of people on different sources:

The girl and her mother were released only when passers-by intervened:

But the unknown “heroes” remained unknown not for long. Vigilant people ID’d the assailant after reading that he burned St. George ribbons with a lighter and was wearing a black t-shirt with the emblem of the SS “Galicia” division. In the process of burning the ribbons he told reporters that his grandfather fought in this division.

And he is now fighting in the ATO against the Russians, “just like his grandfather”. “And I don’t like that in Kiev there were people with Colorado ribbons — symbols of Russian aggression. I tear and burn them,” said the Nazi.

For publication in the edition was the attached photo which anyone can identify the attacker, the girl and her mother:

And for those who doubt, here it is in the same place on another video and the same t-shirt with the inscription of the SS “Galicia” together with a group of Nazis to harass a ten-year-old girl and her mother:

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If someone does not understand:

  • In the photo is the neo-Nazi Regor Vitaly Viktorovich 

Most interesting is that in the video we see familiar faces! Near  the “hero”, recognizable by his t-shirt with the emblem of the SS division “Galicia”, are boys who are already familiar, who this spring were “asked” to leave their room in the Kiev hotel Lybid, which they occupied for free for almost two years (already since the time of independence):

And here is another video where the leader of these “ATO heroes” Alexander Zolotukhin complained to reporters that he received terrible injuries:

Then the media wrote that they had identified those who occupied the hotel from the “Aidar” battalion. wrote that in Kiev they called themselves “ATO heroes” who are fighting in the rear and they need society’s full approval so they glow in “Patriotic history”, like a story of removing the ribbons of a ten-year girl and her mother.

However, they are known in other places. So, journalists of the Ukrainian “channel 17” will remember these guys, because they tried to kidnap the reporter and the entire crew live:

How were the people who earlier attacked journalists on the air presented on video?  “Representatives of civil SWAT organizations “. And that is what is written on the cap of the man who came along with “a Nazi with pedigree” who attacked the girl that we wrote about above. Understand?

A frame from the video shows the arrival of people with t-shirts of the SS “Galicia” on the assault on the girl and her mother.

Remember and recognize the “grateful” inhabitants of Kiev, “Aidar veterans”, in child-youth sports clubs, which they tried to squeeze. Here’s how they described members of this Nazi group earlier:

“We know Zolotukhina [the leader of the group that attacked the 10-year-old girl and her mother on May 9th], as he came into the yacht club.

He came with 30 people with bats and guns and knives. Along came some youngsters with stoned eyes, driving drunk. Then literally the pseudo-aidars were literally sitting at the yacht club all week. The children were very frightened, they had to cancel all training. We called the police, no one was detained, and they simply recorded the incident,” said Anastasia Kolesnichenko, a member of the Federation of sailing.

Here in Kiev, the Nazis quietly violate any laws and norms, and rob, beat, and humiliate the dignity of residents and their children – even on the Day of Victory over Nazism! Here are, then, the fruits of the revolution, Lord forgive, dignity.

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