New Maidan Predicted in Ukraine: It Will Be Short and Bloody

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd May, 2016


Yulia Tymoshenko’s analyst Viktor Nebozhenko predicts another uprising and a lot of bloodshed for Ukraine. The next Maidan will be short and bloody, either for its initiators or for those against whom it will be directed. This opinion was voiced in an interview with the media by the expert. He noted that President Poroshenko, who came to power thanks to Maidan, cannot see out the end of his term – the same crowd in balaclavas will overthrow him and tear him to pieces, if it will be a team from outside.

“It will depend on internal and external political processes that are controlled not by Poroshenko nor us” — the analyst believes. Nebozhenko reminds: there are four million units of arms in the hands and more than 150,000 men who fought in the ATO, they are evil, hungry, and eager to kill.

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“You won’t make them stand to attention on Khreshchatyk and peacefully listen to the empty rhetoric of demagogue politicians. They remember how it once ended. The next Maidan will be short and bloody. Either for its initiators or for those whom it is directed against, ” he said. “That’s why I really want the President Poroshenko to remember that Ukrainians might support his dismissal… He mustn’t continue to live with the illusion that Ukrainians can be fooled indefinitely. Because the way to hell, even for the President, is paved with deception, cynicism, greed, and noble intentions,” concluded Nebozhenko.

By the way, the commander of the battalion “Azov” announced the “flamboyant show” all over Ukraine by analogy with the Maidan uprisings in autumn 2013. Yesterday, his militants “occupied” BP and seized the “Borispol” international airport, showing that the authorities cannot so easily escape by a chartered plane to Panama.

“”Freeze the conflict” and “peace at any price” – this is unacceptable for our people. Not all politicians in the West and in Ukraine understand this, unfortunately. No matter what is done to push us into these negotiations and no matter if the elections in Donbass are wanted, it will meet the active condemnation of society. I am sure that this firm stance will only strengthen the credibility of our country” – said the leader of the punishers.

“Yesterday we held the action not for mass participation, but to declare principles, that compromise with the occupants and recognition of any kind of occupation of Ukrainian lands, elections in Donbass for the Ukrainian society is unacceptable,” said the battalion commander. 

Additionally, Biletsky said that in the near future “Azov” will begin a tour of cities of Ukraine, during which these issues will be raised. “Today, all who are willing to fight must be at the forefront,” said the MP. In fact, this is a rehearsal of a large-scale uprising and the mobilization of regions for another assault on Bankova. However, “Azov” is used secretly – they will become just the executors of the bloody cleansing of power, and after the punishers will be “eaten”  themselves.

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