Online Sex Doll Purchase Leads Investigators to “Rubber ISIS Cell” in Ingushetia


May 24, 2016


Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Such toys were discovered in a hideout and destroyed. Photo: National anti-terrorist committee of Russian Federation

Terrorist cell in Ingushetia discovered thanks to sex doll purchase

An Ingushetia terrorist cell called by local investigators “rubber ISIS cell” was discovered after its leader ordered a sex doll online.

28-year-old Umar Gagiev used SIM card already related to fraud investigation and ordered an electric sex doll to be shipped to his real address, told “Life News” a source in law enforcement.

It is not clear if Umar received his toy, but police certainly didn’t make him wait too long. The house of ISIS cell leader also contained three license plates, more than a dozen mobile phones, 36 SIM cards, four bank cards, 46 thousand rubles and $2,500. Improvised explosive devices, grenades, detonators, a pistol and ammunition were also seized.

And most importantly, after questioning the leader gave up a very valuable member of the cell – 44 year-old police officer of “Magas” airport police department Amerkhan Sapraliev, who may be involved in preparing terrorist attacks in Ingushetia. In the house of a police officer with 16 years of experience a stockpile of weapons and explosives was discovered.

Sapraliev also pointed to two equipped hideouts at a cemetery of Ekazhevo village and one in the woods adjacent to the village, storing grenades, shrapnel ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades VOG-25, plastic ammo, an improvised explosive device in the form of a three-liter pot with explosives, as well as a few packages of aluminum powder and saltpeter.

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