(PHOTOS) Memorial to fallen volunteers unveiled in Zuevka

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May 15, 2016 – 

Dmitry Vyazov, Novorossiya Youth Information Agency – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

On the outskirts of the village of Zuevka (DPR), a memorial plaque honing fallen heroes of the militia has been erected. This was possible thanks to the personal initiative of the former fighters and commanders of the Khartsyzski 4th company of the 2nd Semyonovsky battalion which in August-September 2014 defended these positions from Ukrainian punitive forces.

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“Unveiling this memorial plaque, we, having once stood on this height, want to perpetuate the memory of our fallen comrades, Sergey Onishchenko and Viktor Maksimenko. No-one should forget their feats,” a participant of the events, senior lieutenant Nikolay Nigreev said in his speech. 

In addition to the soldiers and commanders of the former 2nd Semyonovsky battalion, residents of Khartsyzsk and Zuevka participated in the event. Among the honored guests of the memorial was the deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR from the “Donetsk Republic Movement”, Yulia Sulim, the head of the Khartszysk city administration, Alexander Levchenko, the head of the Zuevka village council, Alexander Shepilov, and representative of the “Free Donbass Movement,” assistant deputy Roman Masych. 

“What you guys did here, at this height, is truly worthy of respect. The height, as you can see, is key. If the punishers would have captured it, they would have been able to totally control Zugreys, Khartsyzsk, and Zuevka and shell them with impunity,” Alexander Shepilov told our correspondent. 

Following the brief rally at which honorary guests had speeches, the sentries saluted officers in memory of fallen militiamen. Today, the majority of fighters and commanders of the former 2nd Semyonovsky battalion continue to serve in the ranks of the army of the DPR. The majority of them have passed the difficult roads of war from Zuevka to Debaltsevo and have received state awards. 

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