Police in Kiev Act as Cover for a Gang of Black Realtors

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

12th May, 2016


A source in the Interior Ministry: Advisor to the Ministry could be cooperating with the gang

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In Kiev, a gang of “black realtors” was arrested, which included Metropolitan police and notaries. According to the chief of Department of the GPU, Vladimir Gutsulyak, in 2014-2015, the gang members kidnapped people in Kiev and in the region, looking for those who are lonely and from disadvantaged families.

Under torture, they were forced to write over real estate to a false name, and then the victims were killed. Two organizers and three of the perpetrators of the killings were detained, and during the search they seized five firearms at their place.

A filing cabinet was seized, according to which the attackers had intended to commit a large number of similar crimes. “There was one documented episode of murder for profit, the  murder of a man was prevented, and five hostages were freed who had been tortured,” said the Prosecutor Vladislav Kutsenko. According to him, the gang used to communicate with the National Police. A “Vesti” source in the Ministry of Interior added that one of the “covers” could even be the Advisor to the Ministry.

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