Saudi Arabia: Two Young Students Call for Boycotting School…Because It’s Secular


Translated by Sufyan Jan for Fort Russ

Written by Majid Al-Nufai’i 


Saudi troops fight their way beneath the Grand Mosque of Mecca during its seizure in 1979

Security forces detained two young male students in Taif, on the count that they were advancing extremist views and takfiri ideology. They were asking the parents to boycott the school because they said it was advancing secular ideas that are against Shariah. “Okaz” learned that the two defendants are brothers who were spotted by security services around the police station. 

Also some of their relatives were arrested for adopting the Takfiri ideology. And according to “Okaz”, the brothers were seen by a patrol car driving around the police station three times a few days ago. It turns out that both brothers had not attended school for a while, and had only been driving around telling their fellow citizens to boycott the school. They had also been training at firing ranges. 

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