Saudi Arabia’s Terrorism in Yemen (Video interview)

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May 24th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Russia Today – 

Fort Russ co-editor Flores speaks with RT international about last week’s bombing in Yemen, and the situation in this war ravaged country in general.

Media focus is centered on events as they take place, and rarely in the context which gives any event its narrative meaning. While there was an apparent ISIS ‘terrorist’ attack in Yemen, these attacks did not begin until Yemen’s government changed to one led by Zaidis, which Saudi Arabia did not recognize. Simultaneously, ISIS and Al Qaeda groups began openly operating in the country. The relationship between Saudi Arabia and ISIS and Al Qaeda is well established. 

What Flores seems to indicate is that the terrorist attacks are meant to justify further Saudi involvement in the Yemeni ‘conflict’. Also, he notes that Saudi’s bombing of Yemen is also terrorism. 

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