Savchenko Is a Nuclear Power in Ukrainian Politics

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th May, 2016


However “Democrats” try to present it, somber times are coming in their life. After Nadiya Savchenko returned home from Russia, the time of her captivity is withdrawn from the agenda. “Reformers” will not have the possibility anymore to use Nadiya to distract people from poverty, sky-high tariffs, offshore corruption, ongoing war and other problems. This is no longer a topic for discussion in Europe too. In the end, even the posters in Parliament will have to be changed.

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It’s like an anecdote, when the son of a lawyer, having inherited work from his father, one of the long-running cases is completed in a few days, and it turned out that it fed the whole family for many years. And Savchenko, in fact, “fed” everyone, and then in 1 hour everything dropped. Savchenko is unlikely to go into oblivion, rather – she will compete with Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, and all the “patriots” put together. I think there will be people who invest money in Savchenko. Then Poroshenko and Tymoshenko will understand that it would be better if Nadiya remained in jail.

And for a while they want glory. Poroshenko personally went to pick up the pilot. Others, like in the movie about Chelyuskin, excitedly rushed to Borispol to meet the liberated one. However, its impossibe to hide Ukrainian problems behind short-lived joy. Poverty is not going to disappear, and Savchenko already has nothing to do with it.

Savchenko is a TV series with an unhappy ending for the “patriots”. She’s like atomic energy in Ukrainian politics, which can either warm up, or blow up. But she will not remain speechless – she will explode. And since Savchenko is an experienced “corrector of fire”, as soon as she will feel the taste of power, she will direct the fire this time at the right target. Savchenko is the beginning of the end of Poroshenko and crew.

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