Serbia: Stage-managed chaos set for destabilization exposed

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May 14, 2016 – 

Teleprompter – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

“Spontaneous” gatherings of citizens are not at all spontaneous. Every “spontaneous” gathering resembles the previous one. As it turns out, all these “spontaneous” meetings of various groups of people are made in the same kitchen. The “yellow ducks” of the “We won’t give up Belgrade” initiative are mingling with the yellows from the Democratic Party (DS). 

On this note, yesterday in Belgrade the meeting “The masks have fallen off” was organized over the demolition of three illegally built facilities in Savamala. Although this meeting was presented to the public as a gathering of ordinary citizens, the masks really did fall off as it is now clear that the fingers of the Democratic Party were involved in this. 

Officials of the Democratic Party, which barely crossed the threshold in elections, took advantage of this “spontaneous” rally of the “We won’t give up Belgrade” initiative to cover up its disastrous election results. 

The demonstrators wielded flags, humorous slogans, and shouted “Our city” and “Resign.”

If the posters that the citizens carried are carefully analyzed, it is clear that they resemble the posters carried at the rally of the census coalition which took place on April 30th in Belgrade on the eve of the re-election. Vandals gathered at the edge of the protest in front of the parliament and threw toilet paper at the institution. 

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Even worried and smiling DS officials appeared at the “spontaneous” rally of “We won’t give up Belgrade.” The DS promoter and actor Branislav Lečić showed up accompanied by a smiling Balša Božović. 

The appearance of the posters of the citizens who gathered proves that such spontaneous rallies are organized in one kitchen. Identical placards can be seen at every protest. 

Who is artificially wreaking havoc in Serbia? 

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