Six Ukrainian Students Expelled From Poland for Bandera Flag


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

14th May, 2016


In Poland, six Ukrainian students who were photographed in Przemysl with a Bandera flag had their Polish citizenship cards revoked and were expelled, reports

“The Consul of Poland in Ukraine appealed to the Polish Council in the East for annulment of the Ukrainians’ citizenship cards, who were exposed when they were photographed with Bandera Nazi symbols,” writes the website. The article refers to the official message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland in response to the request of Ambassador Robert Winnicki.

Recall that on October 14th, 2014, a group of students at the state high school in Przemysl (the town also suffered from the activities of UPA militants during the Second world war) posed with the flag of the OUN-UPA in the parking lot of the shopping center. Some of them showed the Seig Heil.

In August 2015, after analysing the material collected, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office in Przemysl instructed prosecutors to reopen the case. The Consulate General of Poland in Vinnytsia also investigated the case of the offenders who were photographed with the Bandera flag in Przemysl. “As a result of the proceedings, the Consul General addressed the members of the Polish Council in the East about the annulment of the decision to issue and renew the Polish cards for these students,” said the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

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