“So long, and thanks for all the fish”: Ukrainian witch-hunt site announces shut-down over Donbass journalist scandal

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May 13, 2016 – 

RT – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The administration of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” which published the data of Russian and foreign journalists working in Donbass has reported that the site is terminating its work.

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The report by the administration of the site, as quoted by the Ukrainian portal “Vesti”, reads: “Taking into account the reaction instigated by the publication of the list of journalists, the demands of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Valeriya Lutkovska, being concerned and anxious in regards to the European Union, as well as taking into account the anti-Ukrainian moods of journalists in Ukraine headed by the Deputy Ministry of Information Policy, T. Popova, the ‘Peacemaker’ center has taken the difficult decision to shut down the site.”

The Ukrainian “Peacemaker” site published the personal data of journalists accredited to work on the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics. Employees of RT, TASS, BBC, Echo of Moscow, Kommersant, CNN, Bloomberg, and other media sources ended up on the list along with such human-rights defense organizations as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The publication posted their phone numbers and email addresses. 

[Note from J. Arnoldski: The closing statement by Peacemaker also promised that the administration of the site would create a downloadable list of all persons identified by the witch-hunt project before the physical site disappears. Comically, or perhaps tellingly enough, the statement [in Russian] by the site’s board ended with a sentence in English: “So long, and thanks for all the fish.” It should be borne in mind that this “hit-list” site, which provoked the cold-blooded murder of the Ukrainian historian and journalist Oles Buzina, was earlier traced back to a NATO cyber-center in the Baltic states ]

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